'Justified' Recap: Boyd Finds Out Who is Behind Attacks on His Shipments
'Justified' Recap: Boyd Finds Out Who is Behind Attacks on His Shipments
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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I've been recapping Justified for going on two seasons now and I don't think I've ever taken as many notes for one episode as I did for this week's.

Both Raylan and Boyd face down multiple enemies in this episode, so there's a lot to go through. It's a great episode, however, with some very funny scenes, but man, it felt like a lot of plot to get through.

Raylan Sure Knows How to Pick 'Em...

The episode kicks off with Raylan and Allison meeting at Charles Monroe's house -- the Detroit mob accountant who owns the house that the Marshalls office is sitting on. (Raylan specifically.)

They're about to have sex when a car alarm goes off. Raylan goes downstairs and meets a man setting it off with a baseball bat. Raylan accuses Monroe of sending him, but the man -- who we later learn is named Henry -- says he doesn't know Monroe.

Raylan goes back upstairs to find Allison getting dressed before saying, "You're not gonna believe this, but I have to go."

One doesn't have to make a leap of faith to assume the man is there because of Allison.

Raylan doesn't make that leap, however, even when Monroe denies knowing Henry as well. But when Rachel is dispatched by Art to help keep an eye on Raylan, Allison shows up and admits to knowing him.

Raylan goes to confront Henry by setting off his car alarm and punching him in the face when he comes running outside. According to Allison -- told to Raylan off screen -- Henry mixed up his meth in their son's toys. Henry, however, claims he never brought that "sh*t home" and that Allison planted them. Raylan believes her and threatens Henry if he ever comes by again.

Later in the episode, Rachel calls Raylan out for going too easy on Allison. (I can't, by the way, be the only one who was surprised Raylan shares so much with Rachel. He even tells her Allison wants to do marijuana!)

Allison even calls him out later for always getting with girls that run afoul of the law. 

Monroe's Safe

Raylan isn't just dealing with Henry in this episode -- he's also contending with Charles Monroe, who not only wants his house back, but also what's in his secret safe.

Monroe, after finding out about Henry (but not knowing who he really is), accuses his housekeeper/maid/girlfriend, Gloria, of sending him. He even starts to strangle her to death, but then lets her go. He tells her he's worried about the stashed gold in the house.

He then smothers her with a pillow. You again, as a TV watcher, think she's dead. But she's not. She wakes up, and Monroe tells her he needs her to go in and get the money.

Gloria is easily caught trying to sneak the gold out of the safe later and they convince her to tell Monroe that it's empty so he'll assume Wynn stole it. (Wynn was the one who had the safe installed.)

Raylan has to go protect Wynn (later in his trailer), who asks, "So, you're protecting me from a situation you created?" A few minutes later, there are indeed shots fired. Rachel shot Monroe down, but he's not dead and lives another day.

Boyd's Enemies Close In

Boyd has three enemies to keep at bay throughout the episode. He kicks things off by accusing Wynn of setting up the shipment hit that happened at the end of the last episode.

Later, they discover how someone was able to hit one of their shipments. There's a "leak" in their organization. One of their workers, Cyrus, accidentally spoke about the shipment to a whore named Candy. Wynn and Boyd discover this is in a hysterical scene where Wynn repeatedly shoots Cyrus with a BB gun.

Boyd goes to visit Ava in prison to see if she can help track down Candy, but she storms out in the middle of their conversation, incredibly pissed that Boyd came solely because he needed help with something.

His friends eventually find Candy, and by searching her phone, he discovers who has been leading the attacks on his shipments -- Cousin Johnny!

The second enemy that Boyd has to contend with in this episode is Paxton, who is around, conscious and speaking just fine. He orders Mooney, the sheriff who threatened Mara in the last episode, to kill Boyd.

Boyd gets the upper hand on Mooney, however, by convincing Mara to help trap him. He warns Mooney that he'll need to choose the winning side (Boyd over Paxton).

The third and final enemy is Dewey -- by way of Daryl. Daryl's only been in town for one "episode" and he's already pushing his weight around. He tells Dewey that he wants to help him manage his "new fortune" and that he needs to confront Boyd about taking so much money off the top of the profits.

Dewey does try to confront Boyd, who blows him off and tells Dewey to put his foot down with Daryl and leave town. When he gets there, Daryl and Jean Baptiste have already beaten up one of Dewey's friends because he was skimming off the top -- and because Boyd put him up to it.

Darryl's question to Dewey: "How do you get rid of bodies without gators?"

Boyd and Mara

I honestly have nothing to say about the bizarre bar scene where Boyd takes his shirt off and Mara tells him how much she hates his tattoos. Apparently, she wants his help to find a dead man? It's all very, very strange.

Justified airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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