'Justified' Recap: Someone Close to Raylan Falls
'Justified' Recap: Someone Close to Raylan Falls
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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No, we still don't learn the identity of Drew Thompson this week, but a lot of bodies pile up as the search continues.

The episode opens with Raylan trying to offer his father's deal to another inmate, former Sheriff of Harlan, Hunter Mosley. Raylan's desperate to find Drew Thompson sure, but he's also desperate to kill Arlo's deal.

Not long after Raylan meets with Mosley, Arlo is taken to the prison barber for a haircut. A guard knocks out Arlo while he's sitting in the barber chair, while Mosley prepares to kill him. However, Arlo was faking it and gets the upper hand on his would-be assassin. They fight and Arlo winds up getting the best of him.

The guard enters and Arlo attacks him as well when Mosley gets up and stabs Arlo with a pair of scissors. Arlo stumbles to his knees, looking like he's about to die.

Boyd, meanwhile, has to temporarily put aside his search for Drew to meet up with one of the rich men who ordered to kill a man named Frank in the last episode. He's concerned he's being set up to be caught by the authorities after killing Frank. But the man assures him they want to work with Boyd in the future.

Raylan later meets with Drew Thompson's ex-wife, who he thinks is holding something back, when Art calls him into his office. He tells him Arlo has been attacked, but we can't hear whether or not he's dead. When he recounts the story to the ex-wife, he looks upset, but doesn't tell her it is his father, who we learn may not make it through the night.

Boyd goes to meet with the man he's supposed to kill and flat out tells him he's been hired to kill him. Boyd offers Frank, who's in the middle of cleaning his shotgun, the opportunity to outbid them. Frank refuses to take up Boyd's offer and aims his shotgun at Boyd, suggesting if he ever comes back, he should be prepared for Frank to be "inhospitable."

Boyd goes back to the bar and tells Ava everything went fine. He's looking for Johnny, but since he's not around, he meets privately with Colt and tells him what happened. "It's a two man job now," Boyd says. Colt is half listening, half concerned with the text messages he's getting from someone who knows about Ellen May, who he was supposed to kill.

Ava interrupts Boyd's meeting to tell him Wynn Duffy is in the bar. Wynn wants to talk about Josiah because it concerns Theo Tonin who wants Drew Thompson found "now." If Drew isn't found soon, Theo's going to want both Boyd and Wynn dead. Boyd claims he's got two names and suggests Wynn tell Theo to kill both of them to be safe.

A sheriff goes to visit Frank and kills his body guard, Deke. He, however, does not kill Frank right away. Instead, he takes a picture with his cell phone of Frank and sends it to someone. He learns during a phone call that Frank is not the correct target. Frank says he doesn't know Shelby's game -- assuming Shelby's the one who sent the sheriff -- but the sheriff says he doesn't know Shelby and kills him anyway.

Knowing that Boyd couldn't get to Frank, it is assumed he gave Frank as a fake Drew Thompson to have him taken care of. This is confirmed later in the episode.

Speaking of Shelby, he's spending time with Ellen May, who is wearing his ex-wife's clothes. Ellen May is starting to enjoy her time pretending to be someone else and asks Shelby if it'll ever be for real one day. Shelby begins to press her for information on what she's covering up, but gets interrupted by a phone call.

Colt, who's been told via text message that he needs to give up $20,000 to keep Ellen May being alive a secret -- goes to see his dealer -- the one that Tim met in a previous episode. He's not coming for drugs though.

He's coming for a loan of $20,000. When the dealer refuses, Colt attacks him and gets a hold of the dealer's gun, which he then uses to kill him. Colt searches the house, looking for the money he wanted and steals some, but not all of it. He's looking over the drugs when he hears a noise.

While searching the kitchen, he runs into Tim's friend, Mark, who's dressed in his underwear. (The dealer makes everyone strip so they can't smuggle weapons in.) They share cigarettes and Colt confesses that he realizes Ellen May isn't the only one trying to "run a game" on him. Colt tells Mark to pretend like he was never there, but then proceeds to shoot Mark direct in the forehead. Nobody learns of Mark's death in this episode, but it's likely Tim will be heavily involved in the search for his killer later in the season.

Later on, Raylan is visiting Arlo in the hospital. While his father is unconscious, he speaks all the things he's currently feeling about his father. But more than that, he wants answers. "Who's Drew Thompson?" he asks him. And of course he doesn't get an answer, until he's about to leave. Arlo's answer, unsurprisingly, is: "kiss my ass."

The sheriff that killed Frank earlier goes to visit someone named Mr. Keenan, who was about to have sex with someone that wasn't his wife. He sends a picture of Keenan to a mysterious person and says, "All right then," meaning we're not sure if he's the target or not. Regardless, we hear the shots off screen and the next scene is the woman from his bed being led outside as Raylan arrives.

Outside Keenan's house, Shelby tells Raylan about Frank's widow who says Boyd came to see him earlier. Raylan is slowly realizing they're both working off the same list of potential Drew Thompson candidates.

Johnny goes to visit Wynn who confesses that he had both Frank and Mr. Keenan killed at Boyd's suggestion. Johnny tells Wynn that Boyd lied to have Frank taken care of and that it's extremely unlikely that Keenan could have been Drew as well.

"You're telling me, that Boyd just handed me his enemies?" Wynn asks, before promising he'll kill Boyd, but that Johnny is now responsible for finding Drew.

At Boyd's bar, Raylan and Ava are surprised when Boyd comes in, under arrest from the sheriff that killed Frank and Keenan. Raylan then spots Ava's engagement ring and Boyd swears Raylan will be on the guest list.

The sheriff orders Raylan to move and then draws on him. Raylan gets the best of him, and for the second episode in a row, Raylan kills someone.

Colt remains separated from everyone else, as he leaves the ransom money in a private room next to a baseball field where kids are playing. We learn that Johnny was the one ransoming him, as he was watching from the bleachers.

Boyd then gets a call from Nick Augustine, one of Theo's men. Nick is very angry that Boyd gave that sheriff the two wrong names. Boyd tries to talk his way out of things by saying Nick should be more angry at Wynn for being dumb enough to believe him. Nick gives him time and says he expects him to still find Drew Thompson.

At the marshal's office, we learn the sheriff Raylan just killed wasn't really a sheriff. We also learn there are still 26 more names on Drew's widow's list of potential Drew Thompson candidates. Shelby recommends they start looking at the rich men Boyd recently met with as one of them could also be Drew. After Shelby leaves, Raylan drops the bombshell that Arlo died -- we apparently didn't see his reaction on screen when he learned the news.

Art says Raylan needs to leave for a week to get over the death of his father, but Raylan refuses because he wants to continue on the search for Drew. They compromise and Raylan says he'll take two days.

Raylan is barely able to hold it together after he leaves the office. He put on a brave face in front of everyone, but even he can't stop his emotions from getting the best of him, no matter how much he hated his father.

The rich men who ordered Boyd to kill Frank are waiting for him back at the bar. They also have no idea that Keenan is dead yet. Boyd dares one of them, after threatening him, to call all the judges in their pocket. But all of the phone numbers don't work because Boyd had Theo tell them to no longer take their calls.

Boyd then demands a $100,000 from each, as well as a Dairy Queen franchise--we'll assume he's kidding on the second demand. Boyd is making some bold moves that are making Ava nervous, but he reassures her. "This is our time," he tells her, "Let's break through that glass ceiling."

The episode ends on Raylan going to the morgue and seeing his father's dead body, yet another casualty in the search to find Drew Thompson.

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