'Justified' Recap: Raylan Delivers Dire Warning to His Father
'Justified' Recap: Raylan Delivers Dire Warning to His Father
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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After an episode that was heavy on the search for Drew Thompson, it only seems natural for Raylan to deal with something else in this week's episode of Justified. Boyd, however, doesn't let up and attends a sex party with Ava to learn more about his whereabouts, while also getting a dangerous new assignment. And Johnny starts to realize Colt is hiding something.

Raylan Hunts for Fugitive Jody, Gets Distracted by Jackie

The episode starts off six days ago when Raylan helps hand over the fugitive, Jody, he collected in the season premiere to Sharon, one of his exes. While transporting Jody, the van gets a flat tire and Jody's able to overcome Sharon's partner while she's off going to the bathroom in the woods. Instead of escaping, he goes to confront Sharon. They both get shots off and Sharon takes a bullet in the neck. 

Back in present time, at the office, Art tries to convince Raylan to go talk to his father to learn more about Drew Thompson. Raylan is able to put it off when he gets a phone call later from a law enforcement officer letting him know that Sharon and her partner have been dead for six days.

Jody, meanwhile, is nursing his gunshot wound to the shoulder, but his partner that caused the flat tire, Kenny, wants him to leave his house. Once he learns where his ex is, Jody finally does decide to leave and confront her.

Raylan has already beaten them to the punch, however. He meets her house sitter, Jackie, though as Jody's ex isn't at home. Raylan takes Jackie home and she invites Raylan in for a beer. He dismisses the invitation, even after Jackie offers him to come in and play poker instead. Inside her apartment, Jody is waiting and fights with her.

Raylan comes back and sees Jody holding a knife to her neck. Even though Raylan warns her not to do anything, she is able to get away from Jody who then jumps out the window and onto Kenny's car, who then drives off.

Raylan busts in on Kenny's date with a woman looking for Jody. Kenny insists that Jody watch a video Jody left for him. He doesn't learn anything from it and winds up driving Jackie home again. She confesses she has a crush on him.

Raylan goes to a bar where he thinks Jody is. He pulls the fire alarm so everyone leaves and he's left alone with Jody. And for the second time in the episode, Jody gets into a fire fight, but this time he loses. Jackie happened to be watching as it happened and no doubt, has even more of a crush on Raylan now.

(It should be noted, this is the first time in a long time we've seen Raylan kill someone on screen.)

Raylan confronts Jackie about the money that Jody was after and he thinks Jackie has it now. Art calls Raylan on the phone while Jackie gets undressed for the shower. Raylan claims he's going to sleep on the couch while Art reminds him that he should go see his father.

We never find out if Raylan was true to his word, because the next scene is him visiting Arlo in prison the next day. With all the distractions in his life gone, he has to confront his father.

Raylan tells Arlo they should help find Drew Thompson since Theo Tonin is working with Boyd to find him. Raylan offers Arlo a "country club jail" if he helps, but he refuses. Raylan warns Arlo that he's going to die very soon in jail and that he'll be glad to hear the news. The episode ends with Arlo trying to remain stone faced as he walks back to his cell.

Boyd and Ava Attend a Sex Party

Ava and Boyd are getting ready to go to Napier's party to try to learn more about Drew Thompson, but Boyd is nervous about pulling it off. When they get there, Boyd almost gets into a fight with a guest right away when he hits on Ava.

Ava and Boyd wind up separating so they can interrogate the other guests to see what they may know about Drew Thompson. Later, Ava goes upstairs looking for Boyd and gets propositioned by two guys. Boyd comes in and grabs one of them--again, this close to a fight.

Towards the end of the night, Boyd is having a sit-down with some of the "important" people at the party. They want him to be a "problem solver" and kill someone messing with a scheme they're working on involving the EPA. They threaten to take away everything Boyd has worked for if he doesn't do it.

While it's unsurprising for people to recognize the influence Boyd has on the town, it still seemed strange for the most important business people to confront Boyd with a request like this.

Johnny Questions Colt and Becomes Suspicious

After sex earlier in the episode, Johnny and Teri are relaxing in a trailer. Johnny brags about beating up the person he thinks beat up Teri. He tries to get Teri to admit who really did it and Johnny eventually realizes it was Colt. More importantly, she inadvertently spills to Johnny that Colt is worried about Ellen Mae.

Johnny goes to confront Colt and sees how he reacts when he brings up Ellen Mae. He's not able to learn anything useful, which begs the question: was Johnny made aware by Boyd that Colt was supposed to kill Ellen Mae?

While Boyd is going to have to confront the looming, secret threat that Johnny poses at some point, it looks like Colt is going to have to as well.

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