'Justified' Recap: Unlikely Hero Gets Drew Out of Harlan Alive
'Justified' Recap: Unlikely Hero Gets Drew Out of Harlan Alive
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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A harbinger of death constantly hangs over tonight's episode of Justified. Drew keeps telling people he feels he's going to die. Everyone is in mortal danger multiple times throughout the hour. But aside from a few supporting players, everyone escapes death this time around and Raylan even ensures that Drew keeps Harlan alive.

The brilliance of tonight's episode is punctuated by quick jumps between four main groups: Raylan, as he tries with Rachel to get Drew to safety; Nick menacing Boyd, Johnny and Ava as a group and one-on-one; Tim and Art trying to escape Colt and Mort's trap; and Bob as he fends off Yolo, one of Nick's henchmen.

Raylan wisely uses his knowledge of growing up in Harlan to his advantage to locate a safe way to escort Drew out of town before the Detroit mob, led by Nick Augustine on the ground, can get to him. Of course, Boyd grew up with Raylan and is able to replicate that knowledge, even if he's always one step behind Raylan.

Raylan first sends a decoy convoy with Tim and Art straight into a trap set by Boyd. Tim, thinking he's either suffering from PTSD or that he innately knows they're walking into a trap, smartly figures out that Colt used his knowledge from fighting in Iraq to set up a string of IADs along the road. After discovering the trap, he even calls Colt to see how much of it he'll spill in their conversation.

Not much as it turns out, but he does basically dare Tim into driving off in a furry, which results in a brilliant car maneuver that ensures adequate cover from sniper fire for all the marshals in their various vehicles. Even Colt didn't see that one coming. He also doesn't see it coming when Tim manages to detonate the IADs with homemade Molotov cocktails so the convoys can safely escape.

Raylan, meanwhile, has taken Drew to his old high school, which is no longer open. The plan is to fly a helicopter to pick Drew up right onto the football field. It's a plan going pretty well, until Boyd figures it out and Raylan gets a phone call from Constable Bob, who turns up at Arlo's house and is taken by hostage by Yolo.

Raylan leaves the High School to rescue Bob--but it turns out, he didn't have to. Bob, after a vicious, violent beating, is able to get the upper hand and kill Yolo. Bob even helps Raylan fend off Nick's men as they come not once, but twice (the second time with a big group) to try and apprehend Drew at the school. Unfortunately for them, Bob is a hero yet again when he suggested to Raylan that Drew (and Rachel) take the main train out of town.

"Bob's a tough sonuvabitch," Raylan tells Rachel at one point in the episode. He's also a smart one and the unlikely hero of tonight's episode.

Other stray thoughts:

- Love the simple shot of one of Boyd's teeth falling out of his mouth after a beating just seconds after Nick complimented his teeth.

- In the high school, Rachel questions Drew about how he killed Waldo Truth. Did he push him out the plan? Mess up his parachute and not tell him? Alas, we never get the answer--and it's probably more fun that way.

- Fans and critics alike have criticized Justified for not showing enough love to their supporting characters like Tim. That certainly was not true in this episode as everyone, especially Tim, got many moments to shine.

- Colt killed Mort. Anyone care to wager a reason why in the comments? Was it so he couldn't later tell Nick how much Colt screwed up in his dealing with Art, Tim and the convoy?

- Nick purposefully rats Johnny out to Ava after she almost lights Nick's face on fire for demanding she "service" him. While this was bound to happen eventually, it seemed unusual for Nick to rat him out now of all times. All he gains is vengeance for Johnny sticking up for Ava.

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