'MasterChef Junior' Predictions: Who Will Win?
'MasterChef Junior' Predictions: Who Will Win?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
They've chopped, fried and baked everything from beef Wellington to chicken parts. They handled the restaurant takeover with more ease than past adult contestants. All that's left is the finale.

In a little over a month, the 24 best junior cooks in the US have been cut down to the final two, and only one will be named the MasterChef Junior -- and win $100,000.

Who will win? Let's take a closer look at the two chefs from opposite coasts who are left standing, and vote for who you think will be crowned MasterChef Junior.

Alexander, 13

From New York City, this junior chef impressed the judges right from the get-go with his first creation: vanilla bean pistachio macaroons. Since then, he's been whipping up impressive dishes left and right -- while also being everyone's target. When he was assigned chicken liver in the final four challenge -- something he had never eaten or had cooked with -- he barely broke a sweat. The fact that he could make something the judges raved over with food he had never worked with before speaks to his talent level.

That doesn't mean it's been smooth sailing for him. His layer cake was sloppy, and he overcooked his soft-boiled egg challenge. (Give him credit for winning the whipped cream challenge, though.) He's also a better independent worker than a great team player, as we saw in the restaurant takeover. 

Dara, 12

The California girl has sported a red giant bow on her head (although it's been purple as well). She immediately burst into (happy) tears after presenting the judges with a mouthwatering lamb plate that I thought she'd cry every episode. But that hasn't been the case. Her confidence has been growing every week, and it culminated with the amazing soy and ginger chicken wings that the judges said could be a restaurant's signature dish. She also baked a layer cake that she had made when she was 10!

She's had her share of hiccups as well. Her soft-boiled egg was hard-boiled, and she didn't work well with her partner during the tag-team challenge. As team captain of the restaurant takeover -- while they ultimately won -- it was rocky with unevenly delegated tasks and butting heads with her now final two rival, Alexander. 

Who Will Win?

Either of these two are more than worthy of being named MasterChef Junior. I mean, I ate cereal this morning, and I'm sure these two are making some gourmet meal. 

Dara is fantastic at what she does, but Alexander has been doing things that are pretty much unimaginable. (I'm looking at you, chicken livers.) He's been the frontrunner since the premiere, and he'll take home the trophy. 

The MasterChef Junior season 1 finale airs Friday at 8pm on FOX.

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