Time Is Up For 'Journeyman'
Time Is Up For 'Journeyman'
It looks like the clock has officially run out for fans of NBC's time travel drama Journeyman.  The network had until Tuesday to award a full-season pickup to the series, as they did for Chuck and Life a few weeks ago, but they neglected to do so.  Now that the deadline has passed, Journeyman only has two episodes left, which will be airing on December 17 and December 19.  Creator Kevin Falls recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly, dropping some hints about what fans can expect in the final two episodes, and whether or not there will be any closure for lead character Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd).

Realizing that NBC might not pick up the series beyond its initial episode order, Falls made sure that episodes 12 and 13 would address Dan's mysterious ability to time travel.  They'll expand on Elliot Langley's experimentation on quantum leaping, while also introducing Dan to a fellow time jumper, who he will meet in an insane asylum.  “We felt like we started to see the handwriting on the wall, between the ratings and the writers' strike, so we recalibrated how we would break the last few episodes," explains Falls.  "We do answer quite a few questions so fans will get a feeling of closure.”

Falls also had some big plans for the series had it continued for an entire season, mostly involving the people that Dan and Livia (Moon Bloodgood) had saved during their time travel adventures.  He would have turned these people into some "Rube Goldberg device for season's end," he says.  "All these people would come into play, not so much to save the world, but their stories all culminate into a bigger-picture climax."

It looks like yet another good show is sent packing before its time, but at least Journeyman fans can expect some closure and some answers to long-standing questions before Dan Vasser leaps for the last time.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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