'The Voice' Results: Two Singers Go Home from the Top 12
'The Voice' Results: Two Singers Go Home from the Top 12
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's time for results. The Voice is down to the Top 12, and tonight the bottom two singers, regardless of their coach, will go home. I'm predicting Vedo and Garrett Gardner, but I wouldn't be shocked to see Kris Thomas or Holly Tucker go either.

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In addition to the results (and hopefully some more heat-related jokes from Carson Daly), there's a performance by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams plus a song by Lady Antebellum.

This is The Voice live blog!

I find it amusing that NBC is airing a one-hour recap show at 8pm before the results containing all of the performances. It proves that there's literally a full hour of filler on The Voice's performance shows.

Carson Daly introduces Usher by announcing that he has his shirt on tonight. Yup, it's official, I'm rooting for Carson to win an Emmy as Outstanding Reality Host. Heck, a nomination, breaking into that tough category, would be nice.

"Blurred Lines" Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams, T.I., Vedo and Kris Thomas

I'm in love with how absolutely weird this song is. Robin sings his awesome falsetto into a golden microphone while Pharrell grinds on the lady dancers. Since Duets failed, how about Robin Thicke comes in to replace Adam Levine for a season as a coach? I'm just eager for some fresh blood, especially after the devastating news that Christina Aguilera is returning for season 5 and Shakira is leaving. Bad move, producers. Shakira is the best thing ever, and if FOX is smart, they'll try to scoop her up for the new American Idol judges' panel (alongside Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.).

Next week the advisers (Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, Pharrell Williams and Sheryl Crow) return to help the Top 10, but since Joel Madden is filming The Voice Australia, Cee Lo Green will help out Team Shakira. Dear Cee Lo, PLEASE bring Purrfect back with you.

Carson congratulates Blake Shelton and his "much better half" Miranda Lambert on their anniversary, which is today. Yikes, I hope he got her a good gift to make up for having to be on live TV.

Next we learn some facts about the Top 12. Judith Hill used to sing about farts, Colton Swon is a germaphobe, Zach Swon can make his face look like the mask in Scream (which is horrifying), Danielle Bradbery takes a lot of selfies, Josiah Hawley loves The Mighty Ducks and Garrett Gardner teaches archery at a Ren Faire.


Kris Thomas is in the Top 10!
The Swon Brothers are in the Top 10!

Wow, that's an interesting start to the results. I still don't understand the appeal of Kris Thomas, and despite needing to be saved by Blake Shelton last week, The Swon Brothers had the top-downloaded song on iTunes this week.

Blake Shelton and Team Blake: "Play Something Country" by Brooks and Dunn

Yup, it's official, EVERY SINGLE SONG that anyone from Team Blake sings this season will be pure country. Hey Blake, if you want this so badly, why don't you just try to convince NBC to reboot Nashville Star? Because for people who don't particularly enjoy country music (such as myself), this is getting real old, real fast.


Sarah Simmons is in the Top 10!
Josiah Hawley is in the Top 10!

Like The Swon Brothers, these two singers needed to be saved by their coaches last week, but they also had some of the most-downloaded songs on iTunes. Obviously the iTunes charts have a lot of power and insight when it comes to predicting who's safe. I'm just happy it means more of pretty, pretty Josiah.

"Goodbye" Town by Lady Antebellum featuring Judith Hill, Amber Carrington and Sarah Simmons

Hey, it's even more country! At least they're more pop-friendly than Brooks and Dunn. I do wish these performances would use the contestants more, but I understand why they don't. Judith sounds great and Sarah is OK, but Amber clearly fits best with the group.


Judith Hill is in the Top 10!
Danielle Bradbery is in the Top 10!

So they saved the obvious choices for the middle, because these two have been promoted as the ones to beat all season long. This also means the top five iTunes downloads are all safe, since these two also scored big alongside the Swons, Sarah and Josiah.

Adam Levine and Team Adam: "Lovesong" by The Cure

Seriously? Did you NOT see American Idol finalist Candice Glover sing the crap out of this song? Everyone should go watch it now, because it's the best performance of the entire season on Idol. Doing it just seems petty and purposefully vindictive against The Voice's competition.


Michelle Chamuel is in the Top 10!
Amber Carrington is in the Top 10!

Again, no real surprise here. Happy for both of them. And both of my predictions for who's going home are still in danger.


Garrett gives a shout-out to his dad because it's his birthday. Aww, this is gonna be brutal.

Holly Tucker is in the Top 10!
Sasha Allen is in the Top 10!

Vedo and Garrett Gardner are ELIMINATED!

Wow, I was right! I'm definitely not happy about it with Garrett as I loved his performance, but that's what you get for daring to be different. Also, even though Carson Daly SAYS he asks questions at random, it's interesting that two of the people who got questions were Vedo and Garrett.

Finally, here's a not-so-fun fact for you: Vedo and Garrett Gardner performed first and third on the Top 12 performance show. Do you know who performed first and third on the season 3 Top 12 performance show? Michaela Paige and Adriana Louise, the two contestants eliminated that week! Coincidence?

Stew on that for the next week until The Voice returns next Monday at 8pm for the Top 10, at which point the singers who perform first and fifth should watch their backs.

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