NBC Orders 'Dracula' Series Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers
NBC Orders 'Dracula' Series Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The popularity of vampires is finally coming to NBC. The network has ordered 10 episodes of a new Dracula series starring The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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The show, set, in the 1890s, stars Meyers as Dracula, a vampire who comes to London claiming to be an American entrepreneur who wants to offer Victorian society modern technology. In reality he's seeking vengeance against those who wronged him centuries ago, though things are complicated when he falls in love with a woman who may be the reincarnation of his dead wife.

There is no word on when it might air, but Dracula joins several other shows that NBC has ordered straight to series without needing to see a pilot. Others include Hannibal about the legendary character from Silence of the Lambs and the pirate drama Crossbones.

Meyers was nominated for an Emmy for playing Elvis and earned two Golden Globe nominations as Henry VIII in Showtime's The Tudors. Dracula marks the actor's debut on broadcast series television.

With the popularity of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, it seemed like only a matter of time before one of the four major networks landed their own vampire series.

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