'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Three Blind Chefs
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Three Blind Chefs
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Tonight on Hell's Kitchen, there will be yelling, cursing, drama and a little bit of cooking. Basically, tonight will be like every other night spent with Chef Gordon Ramsay and his minions except that there are only seven cheftestants remaining.

In this two-part opener, the three men of the "Blue-sers" continue to tough it out, challenge after challenge. Will tonight be the night they FINALLY beat the Red Team? Or will Ramsay's blind taste test get the best of them?

"If I have to be Atlas," Jon says, "and hold every service up, I still want to be able to pick up the pieces." His efforts are honorable, but there is no way he and Atlas, the mythological character who carries the world on his shoulders, should really be compared.

In the next room, Mary and Zach are now arguing. This gives the audience the chance to hear Zach's impression of his whiny voiced competitor and he does a pretty good job. 

In the dining room, Chef Ramsay will be testing the cheftestants' sense of touch. 

Touch Challenge: Cyndi and Anthony will be using only their hands to decipher what ingredients Ramsay has placed in a box.

Winner: Anthony 

SIKE! That wasn't the real challenge and Anthony hasn't won anything. That was only a hint for what's in store. Secure your blindfolds, guys! 

The 11th Annual Blind Taste Test

Once the three members of the Blue Team finally figure out who will step up twice against the four Red Team members, the real challenge is on! By the way, Zach volunteers and I believe the Blue Team may have a lot to be worried about.

Amazingly, though, Zach gets his team off to a great start, beating his rival Mary. Ja'nel steps up next, taking the women to the lead with three out of four while Anthony fails to guess any of them correctly. Cyndi extends that lead against John and the Red Team and is, once again, on fire. Can Zach win this for the Blue Team? Thanks to Susan's inability to guess much of anything, he just might be able to do so. Nope!

Winner: Red Team

Susan, Ja'nel, Mary and Cyndi will be enjoying a meal at Nobu in Malibu while Zach, John and Anthony have to suffer through delivery day. Sushi and an amazing ocean view, followed by what looks to be quite the erotic horse riding experience, is no match for the men who are waist deep in ice. Yes, ice. Anthony signed off on an incorrect invoice of ice, meaning he and the boys have more ice in the kitchen than they can stand. There is seriously no winning with these guys.

"I want Anthony out of here," Zach says. Can you blame him? Now on top of all that extra work, they have to prep their kitchen AND the women's!

As a bit of incentive, Chef Ramsay exhibits the coveted black jacket. For the first time, he is looking to keep the cheftestants eyes on the near prize. 

Individual Creative Dish Challenge: Although they are still in teams, each cheftestant is now tasked at showing off how much they have grown as a chef since the beginning of this season by preparing one dish. The winner will be rewarded with immunity for the next dinner service.

Ja'nel is up first, presenting her pan seared duck dish which is said to be cooked beautifully. She takes a seat in the Winner's Chair. Can Anthony's ribeye kick her out? Sorry, no. "It's not in the same league," Ramsay apologizes. Now for Susan's lamb, which is still raw, just like the very first time she met Chef Ramsay in Vegas. Not much progress seen there. Jon's mahi mahi finally dethrones Ja'nel, earning him the Winner's Chair. Mary has prepared a filet which is cooked perfectly, but her sauce weighs it down. Zach places his version of surf and turf before Ramsay and before he can even taste it, the vision of teeny tiny steak medallions turns him off. Lastly, Cyndi has cooked halibut that really impresses Chef. So which fish takes the top spot? Mahi mahi or halibut? 


Next week on Hell's Kitchen, fans will find out who wins immunity. Tune in for a star studded episode as Maria Menunos and Jeremy Sisto visit the dining room!

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