Jon Gosselin to Star in New Show - 'The Divorced Dads Club'
Jon Gosselin to Star in New Show - 'The Divorced Dads Club'
Uh-huh, that's some serious stuff right there.  Fox News reports that reality star Jon Gosselin is moving forward in a direction most reality stars take - filming more reality shows.  The whole deal with Kate Gosselin being the focus of TLC's show Kate Plus 8 didn't seem fair to him, so he decided to just create his own series.

Now before you think of worse scenarios, here's one for you: the new project will involve Jon, possibly Hailey Glassman and Lindsay Lohan's dad.  A source close to the Gosselin father revealed the guy's sentiments about Kate Plus 8, and why exactly he's ready to embark on The Divorced Dads Club so soon.  Well, let me guess.  Attention and pseudo-revenge on Kate.

"Now that Jon is free to take on a new job, he's really diving into the idea of 'The Divorced Dads Club' with Michael Lohan," the insider said.  "Michael has been a friend and adviser through the scandal, and they have mutual friends.  Their team is eager to capitalize on Jon's new freedom and lawyers and publicists are working on meetings for Jon.  He's looking at every opportunity available."

Again, there's more news about Jon's ill feelings towards tabloids.  Honestly, if he didn't act so horribly then we all wouldn't be writing about him, would we?  Even the source implies that the reality show dad knows how he screwed up.

"He feels remorse and anger, but he does see that he could have handled things in a more mature manner," the insider went on.  What's more, the Gosselin father won't be seen all that much on Kate Plus 8 in the future.  The source said that Jon's time with his children "will be mostly private" and he "will no longer film special segments each episode with the kids."

As for another snitch's thoughts on Kate: "To say she is happy would be an understatement.  This gives her one less thing she will have to bicker over with Jon.  [...]  The new contract alleviates some of her daily stress.  It will be a good thing for their family."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: FOX 411
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