Jon and Kate Plus 8: Jon and Kate No More, What Happens Now?
Jon and Kate Plus 8: Jon and Kate No More, What Happens Now?
It's over between the two stars of Jon and Kate Plus 8, and everyone is more worried about the fate of the eight kids rather than those of Jon Gosselin and Kate - what's her maiden name? - Kreider.  With their divorce and the possibility that one of them will move out of the house, it's a wonder which of them gets custody of the children.

According to People, Jon Gosselin was spotted looking for apartments in New York City last Friday, June 19.  He was checking out a unit at Trump Place on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and apparently he was opting for a $3200 1-bedroom suite facing the river.

Considering the size of his family and that space, one can assume that Jon Gosselin will be leaving the kids behind.  You can't cram any of those toddlers in that place, so it seems like the twins and sextuplets are stuck with mom for now.

However, the two of them might decide to share custody of the children.  It doesn't look like such a good idea, but their distance from one another (and hopefully from the cameras) could be the right way to go.  That is, if they really care about the kids.

The National Ledger cited how an expert, Gold, talked about what could befall the Gosselin girls and boys.  "In most custody cases, the mother retains custody," the professional announced.

In this situation, unfortunately, it's Kate who has been suspected of keeping the kids in the spotlight.  It's hardly helping them grow up, but handing them over to Jon doesn't look too appealing either.

"Being a stay-at-home dad would help Jon," Gold went on.  "That's not to say he has a slam dunk case for full custody.  He takes a lot of trips without the kids and has been photographed at bars with young women."

There's also the question of TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 show.  Jon Gosselin has expressed his desire to leave and be his own man.  With the divorce papers filed at last, it's more than likely that the series end as well.

Another view on the subject is from Ruth A. Peters, Ph.D. who told that the separation of the parents could mean a better life for the children.  "When warring parents divorce, they tend to be happier, or at least less miserable.  The diminution of stress allows them to spend more quality time with their children, and the family can become a solid unit once again."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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