'Big Brother 14' Recap: Goodbye, Willie
'Big Brother 14' Recap: Goodbye, Willie
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Hantzes are one of the most notorious families in reality TV. Russell was one of the biggest villains on Survivor and his nephew Brandon was a creepy oddball when he competed. But nobody could've predicted that Big Brother 14's Willie Hantz would be the worst of the bunch.

This episode is all about Willie's dangerous self-destruction that results in the most shocking expulsion ever, topping Justin holding a knife to someone else's throat in season 2. There's also that lame "twist" Julie Chen mentioned about a possible trade, but much like season 12's Saboteur, it's utterly pointless.

After Frank Wins

Ashley wins a few points in my book claiming that she voted out Kara because Kara was going to fly under the radar all season and do nothing but make it to the end, and that's the role Ashley wants to play. Fair point, but that's definitely NOT a winning strategy.

When Frank wins HoH he and Boogie gloat in the diary room and it's supremely obnoxious and douchy. I tend to root for the underdogs, and these two are not that at all. Boogie the smarmiest, most unlikeable and unwatchable person I've ever seen on Big Brother, and I don't like it.

Shane, JoJo and Britney immediately try to distance themselves from Willie. Frank promise not to hold it against them, which is a lie. Meanwhile, Willie claims that he doesn't care about Britney's team and he only wants to play his own game. I agree with him, but the problem is that NO ONE ELSE is doing that. Everybody is playing a team game.

It's a bit like campaign finance reform. You can complain about Super PACs and all the money they pour into politics, but if you try to takee the moral high road and refuse to use them, you're going to get destroyed because EVERYONE ELSE has them.

Much like Willie, I have no interest in the "Who Wants to See My HoH Room?" segment. Those are always so fake and annoying. No one really gives a crap about Frank's stupid pictures or the food in his basket, but they all pretend they do and slap on these incredibly fake voices.

Love in the House

All the tension is briefly diffused by a segment all about Shane and Danielle flirting. It's kind of adorable, primarily because Shane is ridiculously good looking. Seriously, I think he'd definitely crack the Top 5 on a list of hottest Big Brother men of all-time.

In the one other Big Brother 14 couple, Ian asks Ashley out on a fake date. Of course all of this took place earlier this week BEFORE Kara was evicted, so putting it in this episode is a tad disingenuous from the producers. We also get a lesson in the difference between organic and inorganic chemistry. Seriously, the show wasted quality time with this crap even though the only thing anyone wants to see is Willie going off on the house.

The Coaches Competition

There's plenty of speculation about whether Britney would trade a player if she won the Coaches Competition. Boogie tries to threaten her into not trading anyone while offering absolutely no incentive for her not to do it. She doesn't appreciate it, and neither do I because none of this trade theory matters at all. In fact, the only thing it does is give EVEN MORE screen time to the coaches.

The competition has an "urban," hip-hop feel. I realize everyone in he universe LOVES Frank's likeable, goofy, happy-go-lucky attitude, but I find it so damn annoying, especially when he hosts this competition.

The four coaches must transfer stacks of cash across a balance beam without dropping it or falling. Dan is still playing the exact same game as he did the first time around, throwing every competition he can so everyone thinks he's weak.

Britney takes a big lead, but then she drops some cash on the floor and gets DQed. Boogie then wins, but his victory celebration is premature and he steps off before pushing his buzzer, thus DQing himself.

So Comp Queen Janelle wins. Well, sort of. Two other people who would've beat her were DQed and the only other player didn't want to win. It's not like she has any bragging rights at all.

Janelle doesn't trade (obviously) and she decides to give Ashley immunity. Then she gets to pick the Have-Nots and she picks Willie, JoJo, Shane and Ian (who volunteered for it). JoJo calls her a "mean bitch" for making Shane a Have-Not for a second week in a row solely because he's on Willie's team. She's not wrong. This whole "team" crap makes for a VERY unfair season.

Willie Loses His Damn Mind and Gets Expelled

So Willie's sworn enemy Frank won the HoH and Janelle made him a Have-Not. When Britney tries to freeze him out and calm him down, he loses it. He rushes up to the HoH room where Boogie and Janelle's teams are laughing about how they got to royally screw over all of Britney's team.

When Willie is in the HoH room he begs them not to blame Shane and JoJo for his mistakes. Joe says it was their choice, which is a total d-bag move. That's ridiculous because EVERYONE votes with their team. If the tables were turned, Joe would NOT have turned on Wil or Ashley.

Then, downstairs, Willie gets quiet. Like, eerily quiet, like the calm before the storm. He starts to curse up a storm and nothing can stop him. Willie claims all the other HGs are a bunch of p*****s and Joe responds that Willie is the only p****.

Willie gets up and goes after Joe, who has his dukes up like he's a 1920s boxer. And Willie shoves him a bit and sort of attacks him. I know Willie is the villain in this whole thing and I am not defending him AT ALL, but Joe deserves some blame too. He's obviously baiting Willie and he clearly WANTS Willie to hit him so that Willie gets kicked out of the house. Joe is not innocent in all of this, he is a total instigator.

Once Willie gets a few shoves and headbutts in a voice over the loudspeaker tells him to go to the back bedroom. It's worth noting the voice also has to tell Joe NOT to follow Willie. Janelle comes down and throws fuel on the fire by mocking Willie. Come on, he's already gonna be expelled, but these people are just taking waaaay too much glee in Willie's downfall.

Willie gets called to the diary room and that's the end of him. Executive producer Allison Grodner comes over the loudspeaker to say violence is not acceptable and Willie has been removed from the game, but everything else this week continues as planned.

In other words, not only is Willie gone, but Frank STILL gets to nominate two people and send someone home. We don't get to see the nominations in this episode, but even if you don't follow the live feeds, I'm sure you can figure out who's going to get triply screwed over by Willie's departure.

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