'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 6 HoH?
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 6 HoH?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Sometimes Big Brother competitions follow a pattern. Just look at season 12. There was the surfboard endurance HoH competition in week 3, the knockout competition for week 4, then the paint can endurance for week 5.

Big Brother 14 is following that same pattern. Two weeks ago we had the pirate ship, last week was the knockout game and now we get our second endurance HoH competition.

In Thursday's episode, Wil was evicted and a new HoH competition began with nine HGs. The HoH competition began, and it's the typical slip and slide where the HGs must walk across a slippery path to transfer liquid from one side to the other to get out a cork.

There are also two smaller jugs. One is for Safety, meaning the first person to fill it up cannot be nominated or evicted this week. The other is for $10,000. But if an HG gets one of those, they can NOT win HoH.

Right away there are clear lines. Boogie is the only person going for $10,000.

Joe, Ashley, Britney, Jenn and Dan are all going for Safety.

Danielle, Ian and Shane are going for HoH.

The temptations are interesting, but they make this kind of a simple challenge, because you only need to beat two other people to be HoH. I assume Shane has an advantage since strong guys always win this type of competition. But I really admire Jenn for going for it.

As always, all times for my live updates will be PT, since that's local time in the Big Brother 14 house.

7:09pm: The feeds are back, but this is one of those competitions where it's sometimes hard to tell which jug is the most full.

7:10pm: Indeed, on first inspections, it seems Shane is doing the best for the HoH Group and has a good system in place. Much like the Power of Veto with the balls going down the two inclined planes, this is the kind of challenge that requires a simple, mindless repetitive motion, which is where Shane excels.ZING!

7:12pm: Also in the HoH Group, Danielle is falling a lot and Ian has embraced a crawling strategy, which doesn't seem to be a very good idea.

7:17pm: Britney and Dan are the two strongest in the Safety Group. Given last week, it makes sense that Dan is FINALLY trying to win something.

7:20pm: Britney is almost done with Safety while Shane is killing it in the HoH Group. This has suddenly become a fairly anticlimactic competition with all these temptations.


7:23pm: And since Shane, Danielle and Ian already have a 30 minute headstart on HoH and Boogie has the same for $10,000, Ashley, Jenn, Joe and Dan can pretty much just quit.

7:25pm: Indeed, Jenn just said it would be a f***ing waste of time to continue. Congratulations, Jenn, you've spotted the MASSIVE hole in the design of this competition.

7:26pm: Boogie and Shane are both about halfway done with their respective jugs. Realistically, Danielle and Ian don't have any shot in hell of winning. Chalk up another boring, predictable challenge for the boring predictable season.

7:30pm: Since it's now just a matter of time before Shane wins, I'm going to speculate. Will he go after Boogie and Frank? If he's smart, "Yes." Or will he get out "floaters" which would be a waste of everyone's time. Or will he betray the Quack Pack and turn on Dan and Danielle (not bloody likely). Realistically, I'd say Joe and Ashley might go up with the plan of backdooring Boogie or Frank. Or he'll go straight at them and nominate Frank and Boogie. For that matter, the exact same thing could be said if, by some miracle, Shane has a heart attack and Danielle wins.

7:35pm: Continuing with my random thoughts, if Shane wins that will make his fifth win, Do you know how many people have won five competitions in a single season? Eight, and that list includes four winners (Rachel, Hayden, Dan and Drew). Since it's so early, he could have the time to beat that. Only three players have ever won six competitions in a single season: Janelle Pierzina, Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly (though in season 13, one of Rachel's six wins was a co-victory with Brendon). The real test is if he can match Daniele (2 HoHs and 5 PoVs) or Janelle (4 HoHS and 5 PoVs). But 2 HoHs and 3 PoVs in the first six weeks is a great start.

7:40pm: Back to the game, Ian is falling all over the place. You gotta give the boy credit for trying. And Britney is thinking that, since she did so well, she may have been able to beat Shane. Obviously it doesn't matter since she's guaranteed Safety and can compete next week, but she's worried she could still be a Have-Not.

7:45pm: This is not going to help the perception that this is the worst, most boring season ever since Danielle, Frank and Shane are the ONLY houseguests to win anything. Sure, Boogie won a Coaches Competition and Britney just got Safety, but all of the actual nominating and backdooring decisions have been made by three people. The worst part is that production had to know that Shane would win this. No one else stood a chance. Part of me is worried he's going to get a Pandora's Box and get a special power to give him even more influence.

7:50pm: BOOGIE WON $10,000!

7:51pm: Frank is happy for Boogie, but I'm not. I really hope Shane nominates Frank and Boogie, because this "Let's take the money" attitude is lame. It also means Boogie now has $16,000. If Boogie is allowed to shamelessly be the ONLY PERSON to go after the money and still stay safe this week, it will be embarrassing. Luckily Shane is kind of stupid and if Britney and Danielle tell him to put up Frank and Boogie, he probably will. It worked once before.

7:56pm: Seriously, why in the name of all that is holy is anyone other than Shane still playing? Can the rest of the HGs just forfeit and name Shane the new HoH already instead of wasting everyone's time pretending that the rest of the competition even matters? My guess is that the production team told them they have to keep going, because otherwise they should just take a chair next to Britney and Frank.

8pm: The HGs have learned there are NO Have-Nots this week. So that means, to fill time, there may be either a luxury competition or, more likely, a Pandora's Box. My guess is the latter because the producers KNEW Shane would win this competition and they probably want to give him a special power because he tests well with the ladies and has the potential to be a Jeff Schroeder 2.0 for the show.

8:06pm: Inexplicably Dan has seemingly raced into a tight race with Danielle for second place. It doesn't really matter, but the other HGs should definitely take notice that Dan could realistically win any competition he wants to. She might take second, but the fact that it's close when Dan gave her a 30 minute head start and filled half his Safety bowl says a lot..

8:15pm: Fun Fact: Last season Jeff won an HoH competition very similar to this. He also won the Power of Veto that week and used it to backdoor Daniele Donato. But that week there was a live double eviction and Jeff got evicted that same night. There's a decent chance history could repeat itself with Shane backdooring a big target (like Boogie or Frank) and then Shane could get picked off during the live double eviction next Thursday.

8:16pm: Even the HGs know this is just a formality as they're already talking about the possibility of Shane's CD in his HoH basket possibly being Blink 182 this week. When did we time travel to 10 years ago?

8:23pm: Here's one last random thought before this thing finally ends. Will Britney and Danielle successfully get Shane to target Frank and Boogie, or will Frank and Boogie try to get Shane to go after Dan (I can easily see them trying to do this). Also, it's probably for the best that Britney won Safety. Sure Shane is her former player, but Boogie and Frank were talking a lot Thursday morning about how they wanted to get Britney out, so they would've pushed Shane hard to make a "big move" and nominate his own coach. And with Shane, that may have actually worked.


8:30pm: No duh. Anyone who has ever seen this show before knew Shane was the new HoH the minute they saw what the competition was.

Well, how do you feel about Shane's SECOND HoH reign? Should he target floaters (Joe/Ashley/Jenn) or Frank and Boogie or the Quack Pack (Ian/Dan/Danielle)? My money is on Ashley and Jenn as the nominees with the plan of backdooring Boogie or Frank.

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