'The Biggest Loser' Recap: White Team Down to One Loser
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: White Team Down to One Loser
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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Danni is all alone this week, now that Pam has been eliminated. She's afraid to live her life alone and this week she will need to confront her personal fears in order to figure out a way to survive on the ranch. 

Getting Green With Green

This week is all about healthy eating on a budget. So right off the bat, all of the food has been removed from the kitchen and a note is all that remains. The note is from Alison, and instructs the contestants to meet her at the supermarket. Upon arrival, we learn that the contestants each get $10 a day to spend on healthy food. AND, they will be timed. They need to manage their time, budget and waistline within 15 minutes at the grocery store. This is awesome! I often feel like I'm spending way too much money just to eat healthy, so I'm interested to see how they handle this. 

They all come in under their respective budgets for the week and get everything they need. A lot of turkey, other lean proteins, organic vegetables, and healthy snacks. I'm surprised! I thought for sure at least one team would go over their budget.

Game Play

And so it begins. Gina and David (blue team) begin whispering at the dinner table, which everyone sees. The rest of the blue team starts getting annoyed and paranoid. Minimal food can certainly make things go south. It doesn't help that Bob puts a load of fear in them by saying that blue is set up to fail the weigh in. Bob pushes them hard to give them an early edge. 

Softer Side of Jill

Jillian has one player left. If Danni goes home this week, so does Jillian. So she decides to take a softer approach. She runs with Danni, she checks in with her. It's nice to see her change it up to meet the needs of her team. See? She has it in her.

The Kids

The three kids, Lindsay, Biingo and Sunny are still working hard at home. They each have a goal they're working towards. Lindsay has joined a gymnastics gym and is training to try out for the cheerleading team the following year. Biingo is having fun playing baseball with his friends and is excited to improve his skills. Sunny is hoping to fit into "the perfect prom dress" and finally unlock that confidence that she knows lies within. Are you loving these kids more and more each week? I am. 

The Challenge

The prizes are 10, 1-year memberships to Planet Fitness, to give away to friends and family, and a choice. The winning team will need to choose between a 2-lb advantage on the scale, or a phone call home. The rules for the game are as follows: there are three fountains in the middle of a pond, one for each team. They need to put 5 10-lb coins into their own fountain per team member. Danni is on her own, so 10 in her fountain and she'll win. It sounds easy, and it looks easy. They can only drop one coin in at a time, so it becomes an endurance exercise with the laps back and forth that are needed. It ends up being a close race between red and white. White comes up the winner and chooses the 2-lb advantage. 

Last Chance Workout

The red team pushes themselves, hard. Nobody is slacking and they're all pushing through the pain. Jillian is teaching Danni to fight with some kickboxing drills. If she teaches her how to be a fighter, she knows that metaphorically this will help her in life. Blue is not looking good. Multiple contestants admit to slacking during the week. Oy. The scale will certainly tell all.

The Weigh In

Red is up first and Joe kicks it off. Joe loses 11 lbs. Francelina loses 7 lbs. Jackson loses 8 lbs. Lisa loses 5 lbs, giving the red team a 31-lb loss. 

Blue is up next and needs to lose at least 42 lbs to avoid the elimination room. Gina loses 9 lbs. Michael loses 13 lbs. Jeff loses 13 lbs. David loses 10 lbs. Alex loses 10 lbs. The blue team KILLS it. Blue loses 55 lbs and is safe. 

Danni heads up there last, as the last remaining member of the white team. Danni needs to lose 5 lbs in addition to her 2-lb advantage, to keep herself and Jillian around for another week. Danni loses 9 lbs. WOOHOO! One more week for white. 

Since red lost the weigh in, they head to the elimination room. Lisa gets the majority of the votes and gets sent home. When we check in with Lisa at home, she is kicking ass, just as expected. She is down to 176 lbs! She looks like a completely different person. GO LISA!

The Biggest Loser airs Mondays on NBC at 8pm.

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