'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Immunity For All Becomes Possible
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Immunity For All Becomes Possible
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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The contestants return to the house and Jeff decides to clear the air and announce that his vote for Mike was not a game-play decision. Really, Jeff? THEN, it becomes clear the Jeff's priorities have shifted a bit. Despite his bond with Mike, he has developed a closer bond with Francelina. They have each other's backs in this game. Both have lost parents and used food as a way to cope. They have a lot in common. Maybe even a love connection?

Immunity for All?

This week, everyone will be safe if they can lose a total of 70 lbs. If they don't hit that number, the red line will return and the person with the lowest percentage will be automatically be eliminated. Alison presents them with a pop challenge, which can bring that 70 down to 60 lbs if they do well. The kids return to answer the questions and to take on the physical challenges on the contestants' behalf. They answer five quiz questions on the nutritional values of food placed in front of them. The answer four out of five questions correctly.

Then they move onto the same fitness test that they took on the first week at the ranch. They take turns and if they can beat their previous times and numbers, the contestants will get more lbs taken off their total amount. The kids beat all of their previous times, with Sunny going last in the mile run. You listen to this girl talk and you'd think she was a mature adult. Danni runs the mile with her for support and they beat her time by three minutes! The weight loss to beat is now down to 61 lbs, thanks to kiddos.

Ugh, Gina

When the workouts begin, it's clear that the contestants aren't working together as they should. There's tension. And it's brought to the surface when Gina decides to overreact to a comment that Joe makes about hating lawyers. It's clearly a joke, but she uses it as an excuse to quit. Dolvett calms her down and gives her his full attention in order to keep her mood up enough to workout. Really? At this point, let her fail. I'm so tired of her bitching. Jillian decides to take Alex and see if she can run for five minutes at a speed of 6.0. She gives up after a minute. She does it again. Jillian asks Gina to do the same thing. She quits. Jillian has HAD IT. She exchanges words with Jillian before she leaves the gym for the second time in one day and heads back to the house. 

Break Throughs 

Jillian speaks with Alex and finally makes her realize the root of her struggle. She has always been told that her best is not enough. So instead of continuing to push for her best all the time, she gives up, rebels against the expectations of others and tries to convince herself that subpar performance is god enough for her. It isn't, and Jillian makes her see that. 

Bob checks in on Gina. He makes her see that her beef isn't with Joe. It's what Joe represents. It's also about how much closer she is each week to winning the entire competition and that scares her. Everything scares her. It's another example of being completely overrun by fear. Hopefully these little moments are chipping away at her thick outer layer of fear. 

The Challenge

The challenge this week takes place on a beach. Long Beach, to be exact. There are several huge mounds of sand that the contestants need to dig through in order to find green arrows. They need five before moving on. Most piles have a red 'X', so they need to keep digging to find the green. Once they find five green arrows, they need to carry a flagpole over sand dunes, up a latter and down a very long pier. At the end of the pier, they can put up their flag. Despite the recent tension, the team works together and Joe even carries Gina when she gets hurt. Teamwork at its finest. The come in just under the allotted time and get another 10 lbs taken off their required total for the week. Now they only need to lose 51 lbs in order to get full immunity.

Trust Fall

The trainers decide to test the contestants with a trust exercise. They will be paired up with someone and will need to lean into each other while walking a high wire. Dolvett and Bob pair up and it's quite fun to see Dolvett nervous. Jillian pairs up with Alex and you get to see her more relaxed in the hands of someone else. Francelina and Jeff are adorable, as it becomes more obvious that they're into each other. Then, it's Gina and Joe. HA. Even after he literally carried her through the challenge, she's still huffing and puffing about being his partner. Once again, UGH GINA. They get through it and she seems a little less annoying than usual. 

The Weigh-In

Together, they need to lose 51 lbs in order to be safe. Danni gets up first and loses 7 lbs. Joe loses 6 lbs. Jackson loses 5 lbs. Alex loses 3 lbs. Jeff loses 4 lbs. Gina loses 4 lbs. Francelina heads up there last and loses 2 lbs. They were nowhere near the amount that needed to keep the team safe. It was down to either Francelina or Jeff, our two new lovebirds. Francelina was one pound away from safety and she didn't make it. The trainers have nothing but wonderful things to say to Francelina. Jeff and everyone is in tears. 

The Check-In

We see Francelina at home and she looks incredible. She has lost over 70 lbs and is working towards her goal of getting into medical school. Her and Jeff are officially an item now and she can't wait to see him again. GO FRANCIE!

The Biggest Loser airs Mondays on NBC at 8pm.

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