'House' Video: Chase and Adams Talk Suicide in 'Better Half'
'House' Video: Chase and Adams Talk Suicide in 'Better Half'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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After a rather long winter hiatus, new episodes of House finally return next week. The episode centers around a patient in the hospital as part of an Alzheimer's drug trial who, as it turns out, may have tried to take his own life.

Obviously, this is not the kind of thing that the doctors of House can ignore. How do they react? A video clip from the House episode, "Better Half," gives us a look at how Doctors Chase and Adams view the concept of suicide.

WARNING: This article contains video footage from an upcoming House episode. It therefore constitutes a spoiler. If you watch the clip, you hereby waive the right to be super-mean to this article's author in the comments section because of the aforementioned spoiler. You can, however, be mean about anything else. If you want.

The video clip seems to take place in a relatively calm moment of "Better Half." No one is screaming, spurting strange bodily fluids, performing questionable medical procedures or any of the other activities we expect from House.

So of course it's time to talk about death. Check out the video below:

Leaving aside the question of whether or not the patient-of-the-week actually tried to take his own life in any way, the discussion between Chase and Adams does bring up an interesting medical issue: When is it OK, medically and ethically-speaking, to commit suicide?

Some (like Adams, apparently) would say never. Some would, like Chase, want to avoid placing an overwhelming burden on loved ones. Some people might fall in the middle.

Where does the patient fall in this spectrum? We may just find out in the "Better Half" episode of House, airing on FOX on Monday, January 23 at 8pm.

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Are you surprised by Chase's and Adams' reactions to suicide and their patient? Do you have a strong opinion about the issue? How do you expect House will treat the question of suicide? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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