Watch a Sneak Peek of Tonight's Big 'Jersey Shore' Brawl Between Mike and Ronnie
Watch a Sneak Peek of Tonight's Big 'Jersey Shore' Brawl Between Mike and Ronnie
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Remember the biggest moment of Jersey Shore season one -- when Snooki got punched in the face by a random drunk guy at a bar? A lot has changed since then. Snooki's face has healed, for one. And the macaroni rascals are now rich, famous, living in Italy and on season four of their silly little show -- all of which seemed unfathomable way back two years ago.

But certain things haven't changed at all since Snooki took her infamous punch. Ronnie is still a fist-swinging meathead, Mike is still a loudmouthed instigator, Sammi is still cluelessly starting beefs between the two, and for all the goofy antics of the cast, their big fight scenes are still the showstoppers. 

And this one looks like it will be a hospital-trip-inducing doozy. Apparently, Mike's been spreading rumors (again) that Ronnie is running around on Sammi (again). Oh, these three and their endlessly repetitive drama -- it's almost like they don't learn and grow like normal people! 

Watch their built-up tension come to blows in this clip of the fight, which airs in tonight's episode at 10pm on MTV:

First, I thought the fight was over this whole "did they or didn't they?" mess between Snooki and Mike, but the clip tells a slightly differently tale -- a tale we will learn in full in tonight's episode. Maybe.

MTV loves to leave these big confrontations for the very end of the hour, often airing the beginning and then leaving us to cliff-hang until the next episode. And because this extra clip (below) of the same fight is from the following episode, I think that's exactly what will happen tonight. 

But even if that happens, we won't have to wait long to see the whole fight play out. A brand-new episode of Jersey Shore will air this Sunday at 7pm before the VMAs. 

Maybe then we will finally learn the condition of the poor bedframe who became the first casualty in this war. Things don't look too good for him.

(Image courtesy of MTV)