The 5 Funniest 'Jersey Shore' News Stories of the Week: The Scent of Snooki
The 5 Funniest 'Jersey Shore' News Stories of the Week: The Scent of Snooki
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Jersey Shore may be off the air for now, but that doesn't mean the housemates are out of the spotlight.

The truth is, there's no shortage of news and crazy antics out there when it comes to the cast of Jersey Shore. Proof: Here are this week's five funniest Jersey Shore stories. Enjoy! 

5. The softer (sober) side of Snooki.

Snooki and Jenni's spin-off will start production next year, along with the fifth season of Jersey Shore

"I'm really excited about my spin-off with Jenni, which we're starting to film in January," Snooki revealed in an interview with Parade Magazine. "We want to show a different side of us -- not the partying and the drinking. We want to show who we really are as people." 

Sober Snooki? Snooki and Jenni "as people"? I'm not sure she understands why she's famous.

4. Now you can look like Snooki from your eyelashes to your toes.

"I've got my slippers coming out and I'm working on a nail polish that might be out for the holidays. I'm working on my spin-off with Jenni, I'm working on my sequel to A Shore Thing, and I've got the clothing line, perfume, eyelashes -- you name it, I'm trying to do it," says Snooki, who is also a spokesperson for pistachios. An expanding empire hasn't been this terrifying since Star Wars.

3. Chloe Sevigny is attracted to what a "hot mess" JWoww is.

"I have to admit, I do find that JWoww sexy in a really weird way," the Big Love actress revealed. "It's like that sexy, dirty kind of girl -- not dirty, but like a hot mess."

Keep talking, Chloe. Your flattery is like poetry.

2. Smell like Snooki, find the man of your dreams.

Got boy problems? Apparently, Snooki's perfume may be the solution. She believes that her "young, clean scent" can help you get your man. 

"I actually didn't even tell [my boyfriend Jionni] it was my scent -- I got out of the shower, put it on, and when we were cuddling he said I smelled really good. And I was like, 'Oh, well it's mine.' So I know that when girls wear it, they're going to get their guy," says Snooki. 

Meanwhile, Snooki isn't the only Jersey Shore star with a distinct smell. She says Pauly D smells clean thanks to his hairspray. On the other hand, The Situation "smells like cheese." But that might just be his personality.

1. Snooki shills her new scent in a Funny or Die video with Party Down's Ryan Hansen.

Snooki's new commercial proves that "Eau de Snooki," and sensually eating a pickle, really will send any man into a frenzy. Even Ryan Hansen. But the biggest selling point for Snooki's scent comes at the end: "It's a real product!"

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