Summer TV Opposites Collide: We 'Mad Men'ed the Cast of 'Jersey Shore'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The new season of Mad Men premieres on July 25, and to celebrate AMC has revamped its popular "Mad Men Yourself," where you can create an idealized, '50s version of yourself, complete with clothes, cigar and dry martini.

Also returning in late July are the stars of MTV's reality gem Jersey Shore, whose blowouts and halter tops couldn't push them farther away from the buttoned-up, prim 'n' proper stylings of the characters on Mad Men. Alcoholism and rampant misogyny aside, the worlds of these two summer must-sees really couldn't be more polarized. But not for long ...

What would Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation and their crew look like if they were magically transported to the halls of Sterling Cooper? Here's what we envision they'd look like if those Jersey Shore kids got hold of a time-and-class machine and traveled into the world of Mad Men:

Mike "The Situation"

Mike puts his sensitive side, wisdom and vintage views on women to good use as Betty Draper's psychiatrist. Plus, as he'd probably say, getting the girl to lie down is half the battle.

Nicole "Snooki"

Don Draper explains to Snooki that in this decade, punching a woman at a bar is both legal and encouraged.

Jenny "JWoww"

Wearing the skin of the latest man to crawl into her web (and not much else), JWoww takes a meeting with a group of potential new clients.

DJ Pauly D

Wearing a patch over the eye that was injured when he sat on his last grenade, DJ Pauly D entertains the evening party goers with his fresh polka beats.


Donning his favorite fedora and a refreshing snifter of Ron Ron Juice, '50s-era Ronnie wants to tell you about the exciting new game he just invented, called the "Wet T-Shirt Contest."

Sammi "Sweetheart"

With Sammi, one minute you think you're having a nice sunny afternoon picnic with a real "Sweetheart," and the next she's tossing over the checkerboard and carrying your manhood away in her purse.


Vinny advises the artists at Sterling Cooper about how to advertise to women, though technically he's never been with one.

Angelina was not included in this list because no one, in this or any decade, cares about Angelina.

Want to have the most fun you can have while at work (without downing a bottle of scotch at your desk, Don Draper-style)? Go Mad Men yourself, friends, family and favorite TV characters.