'Jersey Shore': Where the English Language Goes to Die
'Jersey Shore': Where the English Language Goes to Die
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Ever wonder why the kids on Jersey Shore make up so many of their own words? Well, while watching a few Jersey Shore Dailies this morning, it hit me: Because speaking proper English is, like, really hard.

Harder than dodging all the landmines and all the grenades in all the land. Harder than working in a gelato shop and not getting any free gelato. Harder than going to the club with Sammi and not hearing the words "I'm done." Even harder than being The Situation and not taking off your shirt every day. (THAT'S HARD.)

Don't believe me? Watch these clips of our favorite guidos as they try to navigate the basic tenets of grammar and spelling.

(Sidenote: It's really too bad that these moments don't make it on to the actual show. I'd much rather listen to Pauly butcher the English language than watch Sammi and Ronnie repeatedly butcher each other's hearts.)

Warning: These Jersey Shore dailies are bleep-free, so some language is NSFW.

Item #1: Snooki has an epiphany: That she has no idea what the word "epiphany" means.

Item #2: Pauly can't even manage to misuse the word "luckily" correctly.

Item #3: What is "The Situation"? A simple grammar question is never simple on the Shore.

Bonus: SNEAK PEEK! On this week's episode of Jersey Shore, the last thing on the guys' minds is grammar when they bring home three hotties and one "hippo" and then must strategize about how to divide and conquer. Will Mike finally get some of that multi-girl action that he's always bragging about? The way this situation is shaping up, I somehow doubt it ...

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