'Jersey Shore' Sneak Peek: Could Snooki be Single Again?
'Jersey Shore' Sneak Peek: Could Snooki be Single Again?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Could Snooki be "snookin' for love" in Miami sooner than we thought?

If you follow the Jersey Shore kids in the news (shh, I won't tell--I do it too) you know that Snooki and her "gorilla juicehead" Emilio broke up earlier this year. Now, in this new sneak peek from tonight's Jersey Shore episode, we may learn why: In the shocker of the century, it looks like Emilio went creepin' up in Jersey and cheated on poor Snooks.

Unless he's "just joking" about f***ing some random girl? HAHA, what a great joke, Emilio! I can't believe it didn't go over well, especially considering your audience.

Watch Snooki let Emilio have it, and then let out the sort of animalistic, blood-hungry scream that used to be reserved for cavepeople going on saber-toothed tiger hunts.

While it makes me sad to see my poor little Snickers so upset, I've got to admit: I'm excited that Snooki may be single again in Miami! She's been such a good girl so far this season, playing pool with the ladies and playing romantic counselor to Sammi and Ronnie every freaking day. I want the old, perma-drunk, boy-crazy Snooki back. Time to break out the hot pink bustier and the mile-high poof to do some panty-less cartwheels on the dance floor now, please!

And for those of you ready to jump to Emilio's defense by saying that Snooki and Vinny "smooshed" last week: No. They didn't. In the words of Angelina, "Are you deloozal?!"

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to see what happens after Snooki shuts out Emilio, and why Sammi would ever write "Never Fall in Love in Miami" on the chalkboard. (As if we don't know.)

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