'Jersey Shore' Season 4 in Italy Extended Trailer: Mamma Mia, It-Ah Looks-Ah So Good!
'Jersey Shore' Season 4 in Italy Extended Trailer: Mamma Mia, It-Ah Looks-Ah So Good!
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Jersey Shore isn't exactly known for leaving a lot to the imagination. Neither are the gang of guidos who made the show such a smash that it's now on its fourth season, and they're now all millionaires (or close) for airing it all out -- the fights, the sex, the stupidity -- on TV.

So it should come as no surprise that, even though their country code is changing, their code of ethics (or lack thereof) isn't. And this trailer for Jersey Shore season 4, which premieres August 4 on MTV, gives us lots of big hints at the drama to come in the Shore kids' European adventure: Ronnie will send Mike to the hospital, probably because of something Sammi did. Pauly and Deena will hook up, publicly. Snooki will hit a police car, send two officers on stretchers to the hospital, get arrested and still proclaim, "I don't deserve this!" Snooki will throw something at Mike's head. (Which he does deserve.) Everyone will punch and kiss and scream at everyone else, because the stress and discomfort of being in a foreign land will only fuel their lust and hatred for one another. And through it all, attempts to learn Italian and navigate another country lead to hilarious mishaps and misunderstandings -- even more than usual!

In other words: Jersey Shore season 4 looks great!


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 "It seems like there's a new drama every day." We're counting on it, though we've been fooled before. (Season 3 snoozefest, anybody?)

What do you think of this first look at Jersey Shore season 4? Are you going to watch?

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