Best Quotes of 'Jersey Shore' Episode 2: 'This is the Shirt Before the Shirt.'
Best Quotes of 'Jersey Shore' Episode 2: 'This is the Shirt Before the Shirt.'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
You know how on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore, The Situation explained the purpose and significance of the shirt before the shirt--the smaller, less expensive shirt you wear before you put on your fancy, bedazzled, freshly pressed and probably brand-new special shirt from Armani Exchange/Ed Hardy? Well this is the recap before the recap. A great recap in and of itself, but wait until you see tomorrow's recap! So fresh. So bedazzled. So Ed Hardy. A club-worthy recap, for sure.

Check out the best quotes (in my humble opinion--feel free to add your favorites in the comments!) from tonight's episode of Jersey Shore in Miami. 

Situation (about Ronnie hooking up with grenades and then sleeping in the same bed with Sammi:): "Baaaad situation."

Pauly D: "My name's Pauly D, and Ronnie's name is F***ed."

Pauly D: "The I'm F***ed Foundation. He's the client and the president."

Situation: "There's no such thing as kissing."

Snooki: "Are these for boobs?"

Situation: "They actually left it on the floor, and then called me and asked, "What should we do with the chicken on the floor?" Um ... pick that sh*t up, dawg!"

Take-out guy on phone: "What's the name?"
"The name?"
"Situation ... Capital S-I-T-U-A-T-I-O-N."
"Whatever, man. what's the order?"

JWoww: "Sleep with one eye open. I'm going to make you sweat it out."

Angelina: "I'm not going to downgrade myself."

Caller: "Can I speak to Angelina?"
Snooki: "No, she died." [hangs up]

Pauly D: "They should call you The Instigation."

Ronnie: "It's not Saved by the Bell. We're not f***ing Zack and Kelly. you know, it's weird."

Pauly D: "This hair ain't moving, my dude."

Situation: "This is the shirt before the shirt."

Situation: "Voila! Mrs. C***block of the Century comes out, and that's who she truly is."

Angelina: "You were talking to a girl who AKA was married."


Tomorrow: The real shirt. I mean recap. Get ready. Wait, you mean you didn't read last week's Jersey Shore season 2 premiere recap? You might want to remedy that situation.

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