'Jersey Shore' Recap: Goodbye to the Guidos
'Jersey Shore' Recap: Goodbye to the Guidos
Season 5 comes to a close tonight, but the fist-pumping crew is determined to go out with a bang. The final episode is filled with lies, threesomes, water fights and final goodbyes as the roommates prepare to leave their Jersey home. So let's dive right in to tonight's four most unforgettable moments from the Season 5 finale!

1. The 'Bitchuation'

Mike gets a new nickname after completely overreacting to Pauly and Vinny's prank that we saw last week. Apparently he didn't appreciate bringing the inside outside, and instead of just bringing in his stuff before it rains, he sits and complains until the guys agree to carry all of his precious shoes and other accessories back indoors. Seriously Mike? You talk tough game but can't take a simple prank. Man up.

2. Vinny's Threesome

During one of their final nights out on the shore, Vinny makes it his mission to knock having a threesome with two lesbians off his bucket list. I should remind everyone that it's not just one lesbian Vinny seeks to swing back to the other team, but two. That's just impressive. Can you believe he actually has to beg Ron for the smush room? Lucky for Vinny, he accomplishes the seemingly impossible and conquers the lesbian threesome. That's a story to tell his kids one day.

3. Lies and Family

Mike gets caught up in his own lie when Deena confronts him about talking smack about her sister, and somehow he gets away with it. At least now that the show has aired she can see what a liar he really is. During their last visit to Karma, Mike's older brother shows up with Deena's sister on his arm, and he looks exactly what I expected someone related to Mike to look like -- An older, yet slightly smaller version of the situation, but a little less scummy. Will Deena and the Situation see a wedding in their future? Only time will tell, but I can't see them getting along as brother- and sister-in-law.

4. Water Wars

The girls try to regain some glory as prank masters when they load up a box full of water balloons and an oversized sling shot. Unfortunately, their plans are foiled when the boys retaliate with Super Soakers and buckets of water, and completely soak the guidettes from head to toe. Sorry girls. It was a valiant effort, but the champion pranksters will always be Pauly and Vinny.

What do you think of the Jersey Shore finale? Are you sad the season is over? Do you think the crew will be back for another season? How will the roommates react on the reunion when they hear all of the smack talk Mike has been dishing behind their backs? Leave your comments and be sure to watch next week's Jersey Shore reunion!

Kathryn MacDougall
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of MTV)