'Jersey Shore' Instant Classic: Naked Vinny Pulls a Prank, Gets Deena Trapped Under a Bench
'Jersey Shore' Instant Classic: Naked Vinny Pulls a Prank, Gets Deena Trapped Under a Bench
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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When they're not threatening to rip each other's heads off or getting rip-roaring drunk, the Jersey Shore kids love to pull pranks on each other. When direct conflict resolution feels too advanced, when boredom becomes overwhelming, when resentment overwhelms their simple souls, a prank is the go-to Jersey Shore cure-all.

But most of the time, their execution leaves something to be desired, and the pranks end up back-firing, or being non-starters -- like last week, when Snooki tried to get Mike in a bind by inviting one of his sex partners into the house when he was on his way home with another. All she did was hand-deliver The Situation a guaranteed lay. (And these are the plotlines of our lives.)

This week on Jersey Shore, Vinny decides to pull a simple prank on Deena by piling all her belongings onto her bed. But the prank quickly turns into a three-parter and delivers even more than Vinny hoped for, and before you know it, he's pressing his naked body against Deena, and then she gets stuck under the bench he put on her bed. At least Team Meatball #2 is a good sport about being the boys' new punching bag.

We've got a sneak peek of the prank and its ridiculous aftermath right here:

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"I have no shame!"
The more Deena talks, the more I love her. At least she knows what her place is.

This whole scene will surely bring some much needed levity to Thursday's episode, which will pick up where we left off last week: With Snooki a sobbing, hysterical mess after her boyfriend Jionni stormed out after their big fight.

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