'Jersey Shore' Deleted Scenes: Dr. Deena Spreads the Love, Her Legs
'Jersey Shore' Deleted Scenes: Dr. Deena Spreads the Love, Her Legs
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Nine weeks into their Italian escapade, cabin fever seems to be setting in for a few of the Jersey Shore kids. Maybe because they spend more time touring each other's shortcomings as friends, confidantes and human beings than they do touring the actual country of Italy, but ... no matter.

What's important is that last night's episode was chock-full of drama (screaming! crying! pregnancy scares!!!), ending with an illicit hookup between Vinny and still-dating-her-mean-and-terrible-boyfriend Snooki. And in these deleted scenes, we see how and why Vinny may have ended up in such a vulnerable and lonely place that he'd let himself fall back into the arms of Meatball #1: Because he's feeling low and tired of the drama, and Meatball #2 just doesn't know how to help.

Translation: Watch these funny videos of Deena trying, and failing, to console Vinny. (And trying to "do sex" with Pauly!) And finally, as a double cherry finish on your spray-tanned sundae, check out a sneak peek of next week's episode starring Detective Situation Holmes, and an extra-special bonus video, courtesy of Conan, and starring Paul Rudd. What more could you ask for?

Deleted Scene 1: "Oxymoron"
Deena tries to get Vinny to talk about his feelings. Vinny tries to get Deena to talk using words that make sense.

Deleted Scene 2: "I'll Bite"
Deena wants to bite Pauly. Bite him all the way to THE ALTAR!

Sneak Peek: "Gym, Tan, Who's the Rat?"
"The Situation" lays a trap for the "rat" he thinks is gossiping about him around the house. Spoiler alert, Sitch: Everyone's a rat, and you're their king. All bow to the King Rat! 

BONUS: Celebrities Audition to Join Jersey Shore
Paul Rudd is pretty. Anne Hathaway tries, just, so hard. And the 24 President/All State guy is lovable, even when he talks about "jumping on a grenade." 

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