Where Have I Heard That 'Voice' Before? (We Dig Up the Contestants' Pasts, So You Don't Have To)
Where Have I Heard That 'Voice' Before? (We Dig Up the Contestants' Pasts, So You Don't Have To)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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One of the many things we love about The Voice is the way the show doesn't shy away from contestants who've enjoyed previous success. With the music industry -- as with fashion, like Heidi famously says -- one day you're in, and the next day you're out. And sometime you've been out all along, even when you thought you were in.

So whether it's their first break, or just their latest and biggest, we're glad that The Voice has given so many great performers, young and old and in between, a chance to shine in their blind auditions. All of these performers impressed the coaches enough to land on a team, but some are definitely more seasoned than others. Here's a rundown of where you might have seen -- and heard -- those Voices before:


Jordis Unga
She's since done away with the dreadlocks, but you may have still recognized this rock and roll crooner from another reality competition, Rock Star: INXS (also a Mark Burnett production). Unga was the youngest contestant on that show, and was eliminated in fifth. Youtube clips abound of her performances on the show, including "Baba O'Riley," "Heart-shaped Box" and her signature performance from the show, "The Man Who Sold The World."

Gwen Sebastian
Blake's North Dakotan country cutie has been performing locally with her parents for a while now, and her Youtube page documents the highlights -- including her own rendition of "Baba O'Riley." Whose rendition do you like more -- Jordis or Gwen's? (There's an idea for a Battle Round right there, Blake.)

Jermaine Paul
He's not just Alicia Keys' backup singer. This aspiring R&B star is also a father of four (!), and he's been trying to make things happen with his own Youtube page full of covers, and even a music video for his song, "Airplane."


Geoff McBride
Before -- waaaay before -- he was wooing Christina into pressing her button, Geoff McBride (also a former professional kickboxer?!) was making waves on the R&B charts. As a pretty major star in Atlanta, Geoff sung backup for Aretha Franklin, and his 1990 album, "Do You Still Remember Love," has still not been forgotten -- at least on Youtube. Here's a music video from one of his hits off the album.

The Line
The country duo who are often being mistaken for a couple have their own official Youtube page full of live performances in Nashville. Also -- and we don't know the if, how or why --  half of the duo, Leland Grant, may know the infamous Vienna Girardi from The Bachelor. Small (reality TV) world!

Chris Mann
This classically trained opera singer has toured with India.Arie and worked with some big-name producers, including Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, who will join The Voice as an adviser this season -- but for Cee Lo's team, not Christina's. And hardcore Gleeks may recognize Chris as one of the Dalton Academy Warblers ("Warbler #6," according to his blog). To prove it, here's a shot of Chris with Glee's Chris Colfer.

Jesse Campbell
It's been a rough road recently for single dad Jesse, but in the mid-90s, he enjoyed a bit of success when he got signed to Capitol Records. This song, "When You Cry I Cry," is his biggest hit. (Yet...)

Lindsey Pavao
Lindsey's getting billed as a bartender from Sacramento -- but she was once a part of the bands A Colourado (2006-2007) and Boxes (2008), both based out of central California.

Moses Stone
As the first MC (he bills himself as an "indie hip-hop artist that incorporates elements of hip hop, pop and motown") to make it onto a team on The Voice, Moses already has a lot to be proud of. Stone has made previous appearances on MTV's Say What Karaoke and BET's 106 & Park, and was recently featured in a Billboard article about his label, Eruption Music Group.


Erin Martin
This working model also found recent work for her voice on television, when her single "Balloon" was used in an episode of Pretty Little Liars this summer. But on a less illustrious TV note, Rock of Love fans may recognize Martin as one of the first girls to get eliminated by Bret Michaels on season 2 ... although back then, and probably for the best, she went by an alter-ego, "Lyanna." Too bad the internet (that's us!) never forgets.

Angie Johnson
Angie went from the Air Force to The Voice -- and all it took was a viral video of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep," which you can watch right here!

Jamar Rogers
He turned his life around after becoming HIV positive as a result of his drug use, but that's not all of Jamar's inspirational story. He auditioned for American Idol with his friend (and future third-place finalist) Danny Gokey on season 8, but was cut, and Idol viewers never learned Jamar's story. (Then again, Danny's tragic story of his wife's death trumped them all.) Jamar also tried for for Idol seasons 3 and 9, but says he wasn't ready to share his full story until now.

Juliet Simms
Her band Automatic Loveletter has been seen on Warped Tour, and Simms has also done backing vocals for bands such as All Time Low and Secondhand Serenade

Purrfect the Cat
This may be his first time in the limelight, and he doesn't sing (that we know of), but Cee Lo's ominous lap-buddy has his own Facebook page. I mean, obviously.


Angel Taylor
This girl's quite established -- she even has a lengthy, multi-video artist page on VH1. She's got a couple professional-grade music videos floating around, has toured with Adele and Gavin DeGraw (and more!), and her song "Make Me Believe" was offered as the iTunes single of the week in the summer of 2009. And here's another odd reality TV connection: Her sister Ebony appeared on America's Next Top Model cycle 5.

Tony Lucca
He didn't exactly hide his history with Britney, Christina and the rest of the Mickey Mouse Club, but that really just scratches the surface when it comes to Tony's success. Beyond his seven studio albums, five EPs and songs featured on many TV shows (including NBC's Friday Night Lights), Tony has also appeared numerous times on another NBC show, Last Call with Carson Daly, as a part of the show's band. Yes, Carson Daly -- the host of NBC's The Voice. ... Coincidence? You decide.

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