'Jericho' Returns Tonight
'Jericho' Returns Tonight
Jericho returns to CBS tonight, providing the first challenge for the grass roots movement that fought to resuscitate the formerly canceled series.  Get new viewers to stay home and watch Jericho.  Even though Friday night is not typically seen as a ratings boon, a strong showing, particularly in the summer, could prove to be an attractive fore-runner to the apocalyptic drama’s midseason return.

CBS will not be airing Jericho’s first season in its entirety, opting instead to air the pilot tonight at 9:00 PM ET/PT and shifting to two hour blocks next Friday beginning with the recap episode “Return to Jericho” that chronicled the first eleven episodes at 8:00 PM ET/PT.   The second hour will pick up with the twelfth episode of Jericho, “The Day Before.”

The show’s pundits claim that the long hiatus between episodes eleven and twelve was part of what doomed the series, since most fans agree that the second half of the season was the most intense and satisfying.

The series focuses on the residents of a small Kansas town struggling to come to grips with a horrifyingly changing world in the wake of a nuclear attack.  As the human story unfolds, a chilling subplot begins to percolate through the drama as the truth about the attack slowly comes to light.

The historic fan efforts that compelled CBS to give the show a second chance were widely publicized and are considered by many to be the most organized grass roots “save our show” campaign ever executed. Zealot’s seized upon series lead Jake Green’s (Skeet Ulrich) response to a demand for surrender, “Nuts,” as their own battle-cry and proceeded to famously order thousands of pounds of various nuts to be shipped to CBS’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

The nuts were later distributed to feed the needy, and CBS caved under the impassioned protest of the fans and planned a ‘trial’ season of seven episodes of Jericho.  An official airdate for the mini-season has yet to be set, but currently the feeling is it will air sometime on the midseason schedule.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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