Fans Don't Go Nuts for 'Jericho' Convention Appearance
Fans Don't Go Nuts for 'Jericho' Convention Appearance
Fourteen cast and crew members from the CBS series Jericho attended a panel at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention last Sunday, providing fans an opportunity to interact with the stars and producers of the apocalyptic drama.  Despite the appearance of stars like Kenneth Mitchell and Alicia Coppola, there was a distinct lack of nutty fans in the audience, and the small group that were there could manage only a handful of questions and a palpable lack of enthusiasm.  Jericho executive producer Jon Turteltaub cracked, "After this event today I'll be shocked if [Jericho] doesn't become enormous [in the ratings] -- with all 80 of you."

Despite the low turnout and awkward atmosphere, the cast and crew of the series kept a jovial attitude and discussed their hopes for the future of Jericho.

When fans asked what they can do to help the show live on beyond its initial order of seven episodes, executive producer Carol Barbee responded, "Watch and get your friends to watch.  CBS is rooting for us.  We have something every network wants -- a rabid fan base -- and they'd love to keep it growing."

Unfortunately for Barbee, the audience for Jericho has been shrinking since it returned for a second season. The season premiere drew in 7.15 million viewers, which was down 600,000 from the May 2007 finale. Tuesday's second episode was watched by 5.94 million people, faltering another 17 percent.

In a previous interview, Barbee noted that the Jericho crew would most likely find out about the fate of the series after ratings for the third episode came in.  If CBS doesn't like what it sees after next Tuesday's installment, it's possible that Jericho's end will come after seven episodes.  However, hopefully they'll take into account the people who watch the show online and through DVR, which would likely have a great affect on the ratings.

Lackluster comic book convention aside, it's been proven time and again that Jericho has a rabid fanbase.  Now it's up to the devoted viewers to convince more people to watch the make or break third episode.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Los Angeles Times
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