Eric Green
Eric Green

Kenneth Mitchell as Eric Green

Eric Green from CBS' Jericho is played by Kenneth Mitchell. The younger of the two sons born to Gail and Johnston Green, Eric has always been the favorite of his father among the brothers. Upon graduating from high school, he entered law school and successfully finished his education, returning to Jericho as soon as he was done. His brother, Jake, on the other hand, ran off from home, leaving everyone except his mother in the dark about his ventures.

As a son of the mayor of Jericho of 25 years, Eric took on the job of being the deputy mayor of the town, and was eventually promoted to Deputy Sherriff. He married a doctor at the Medical Center, April, with whom his marriage lasted for six years. However, Eric engaged in an affair with Mary Bailey, the town bar owner, and admitted to April that he loved Mary after having slept with her.

Shortly after their break up, Eric's house got run down by a fire, thus he was forced to move back into his parents' house. He also learned that April was planning to file a divorce, but she later changed her mind after the attacks in Jericho greatly affected their lives.

His father Johnston, tried to talk to Eric about his marriage problems, but Eric was convinced that he loved Mary, and not April. Eric later learned about his wife’s pregnancy. He admitted to her that he did not love her anymore, but promised to be there for their baby.

After a difficult labor, both April and her baby died of complications, and Eric was left to feel so sorry and guilty for being an irresponsible father and husband. He then left for New Bern to work on the wind turbines, just to help him forget the painful events.

Upon learning that Eric did not come home with the other workers, Jake heads to New Bern to look for his brother, who ended up in jail.