Oscar-Winner Jennifer Hudson Joins 'Smash' Season 2
Oscar-Winner Jennifer Hudson Joins 'Smash' Season 2
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The second season of Smash just got a huge boost as the NBC musical has cast Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson in a recurring role.

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Hudson will start in the season 2 premiere of Smash as Veronica Moore, a Tony-winning Broadway star who causes problems for Karen and Ivy. Ironically a Tony is one of the few awards Hudson doesn't have, though she does have an Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy.

The addition of Hudson is the latest in a long series of changes to Smash for season 2. The show already has a new showrunner (Gossip Girl's Josh Safran) and it's dropped four of its current stars (Jaime Cepero as Ellis, Raza Jaffrey as Dev, Brian d'Arcy James as Frank and Will Chase as James). Smash has also added recent Tony nominee Jeremy Jordan (Newsies) to its cast for season. In some ways it's like Smash is an actual Broadway show, where season 1 was an out-of-town preview, and now the producers are making all the necessary changes before bringing it to New York City.

Hudson's arrival on Smash is also of note because it marks the second American Idol alum on the show, joining Katharine McPhee. Clearly NBC isn't afraid to use the FOX reality competition as a casting pool for its musical drama, something FOX recently realized itself with news that Jessica Sanchez is in talks to join Glee.

The first season of Smash began with a ton of critical excitement, but that quickly turned sour as the season progress and many became disappointed with the show. This constant retooling during the off-season may be just what Smash needs to come back in its second season this winter.

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