'The Amazing Race' Recap: Can the Comeback Kids Survive Again?
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Can the Comeback Kids Survive Again?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on The Amazing Race, the teams depart Indonesia for Bangladesh, where they will help refurbish a bus, pound metal or cotton or collect rats. In a move that surprises nobody, I'm sure, the teachers struggle to complete all of their tasks. Will they slide through the pit stop just in time or is their time up?

Super Fans Are Super Bad

The substitute teachers' inabilities to finish any task ahead of time finally catches up with them. There really is no excuse this week, since all the teams have taken the same flight to Bangladesh, giving everyone a fair start.

There are plenty of times where I'm thinking they might escape yet again, all things that aren't in their control. Team Texas' cab breaks down as they and the teachers are taking off from the first challenge as the bottom two. I have no idea why Texas doesn't just try hailing another cab, wasting valuable time standing around -- and eventually helps the cab driver get his car back on the road. Texas also doesn't follow the course to the pit stop correctly, forcing them to go back.

I want to like the teachers (aka the Comeback Kids), but I just can't. Gary has never taken off his grumpy pants, and they don't really provide any funny or good TV moments. I'm just surprised they've lasted as long as they have.

The Ones to Beat

Abbie and Ryan are basically unstoppable. Refurbish a bus? Ryan does it perfectly without even breaking a sweat. Sew a blanket? Abbie went to fashion school for a year. There isn't anything they can't do, and right now, the entire $2 million is theirs. 

But I'm not rooting for them. They seem too perfect, too good to be true, and that's not what I want to see. It doesn't help that they don't have much of a personality, either, although we see a bit of it come out in this episode. But it's mostly at the expense of the twins, as Abbie and Ryan spend time off camera and behind the twins' backs either mocking them, making fun of them, imitating them or, in Abbie's case, pretending to shoot herself. I do have to give Abbie a bit of credit, though, for being the calming voice for the Chippendale who struggles with his challenge.

Pounding Cotton or Metal 

So Josh was a drag queen? We find this out during the pound the cotton competition, which the goat farmers take because of Josh's experience in sewing, although he does admit his costumes didn't stay together. 

But why in the world do the Chippendales do cotton as well, when it involves sewing a blanket? I don't know what they're thinking with that one. The cotton challenge turns out to be more tedious than pounding the metal, which we see the twins, Monster Truckers and Texas complete pretty seamlessly.

The Chippendales and twins are my favorites right now, with Texas right there, too. They do lose some points after this episode for being the last team to check in, but at least they're still in it. Their alliance with the twins needs to be revived because we see Abbie and Ryan forging an alliance with the Chippendales. We'll have to see if it's a one-time thing or if it'll continue.

Rat Collectors for a Day

James and Abba finish first because they cruised their way through after taking the fast forward. The Monster Truckers, Abbie and Ryan, the twins and Chippendales all opt not to fast forward; no idea why. So we see James and Abba going around the city collecting rats the entire time before showing up first at the pit stop.

I'm rooting for the Monster Truckers to leave next. They lost major points with me after yelling at the boat driver for costing them a million bucks. News flash to everyone who blames their mode of transportation: no one likes to see your whining and complaining and blaming the driver of a foreign country for being unable to get you around. And no, it doesn't end up costing them anything since they go from finishing fourth to fifth.

But for now, the run by the Comeback Kids -- which I should point out is a nickname they gave to themselves -- is over. They're legitimately sad to go and, as super fans, are grateful for their experience.

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