'Jane by Design' Recap: Nick and Jane Kiss!
'Jane by Design' Recap: Nick and Jane Kiss!
Leading up to tonight's episode of Jane by Design, "The Image Issue," was India peering in through a high school classroom to see Jane at the podium reading (or about to read) from a paper. All she did was smile that little evil smile of hers in the preview. I just knew it was going to blow up in Jane's face tonight. However, I should have known better. After all, this is television and the show must go on!

While India doesn't have any solid evidence of Jane's wrongdoing after her little "investigation," Jeremy does have some suspicions after accompanying India on her investigation. Plus, I don't know what she thought she would find out - little did I know, before tonight's episode, Jane was sent to the high school on assignment by Gray to unveil the next big trend.

Elsewhere in the fabulous life of Jane, Mrs. Quimby receives a kiss from her handsome high school crush, Nick. The kiss was sort of like sealing the deal, as just before he puckered up to Jane, Nick had informed Jane that he liked her. Aww! How sweet!

And oh my gosh! I am SO thankful for Billy's new look. He is that much more of a hottie now. He could pull that mohawk off well, but I just didn't like it. Jane isn't exactly thrilled with this new look, but, hey, if it makes him happy, then let him be! However, I do wonder how long the "preppy," as Jane calls it, wardrobe change will last? What did you think of it?

Oh, and thank you, Jane, for not pulling Billy down with you and your problems this week! Very proud! You managed to get a kiss, pull off your presentation and not majorly involve Billy in your double-life frenzied problems - all in one episode!

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

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