'Jane by Design' Recap: Jane Makes Poor Choices but Succeeds in the End
'Jane by Design' Recap: Jane Makes Poor Choices but Succeeds in the End
From the beginning of the episode, Jane Quimby makes terrible choices starting with the ugly belt that she thinks she can pull off in the high-fashion world that the girls in high school simply couldn't understand. However, she can't pull it off at all -- in either world! But that's not important.

What are important are the poor choices made to further her career, even though those poor choices lead to a wealth of benefits for the future of her fashion career with Donovan Decker. To be more specific, Gray has a Lookbook delivered to Jane that she must deliver to Gray in Paris. Problems arise, and Jane is tested. At least she pulls through, but she pulls down others with her.

Possibly the worst of it all is that she brings poor Billy into her whole mess. Sure, that's what friends are for, but Billy suffers an entire week of detention for helping Jane. And here's how it started.

Jane and Lulu: A Sleepover?

Jane has the Lookbook that can't leave her hands, a book that must get to Gray in Paris ASAP or her job is at stake. She is unable to come home, so she tells her brother that she is staying the night with none other than her best friend's girlfriend and her rival, Lulu. What kind of crazy alibi is that?

So, of course, she goes to Billy to talk Lulu into it, which isn't exactly an easy thing to do, but it does get managed after a heavy make-out session at school.

Where is the Lookbook?

As she goes to pack her things, she has her passport, which is an integral piece of her trip to Paris; however, the most important piece she does not have -- the Lookbook! She searches and searches before making a phone call to Billy, who is in class and leaves class to help Jane.

Jane's Hopes Shot Down

Jane finds the Lookbook in the hands of India, who locked it away in her safe. So now who does she go to? She enlists Jeremy in her scandalous activites, which isn't the best choice. However, none of her choices in this episode are.

But how long does it take to open a freaking lock? I mean, really. It was ridiculous! Jane gets into India's safe, but is unable to get her hands on the Lookbook. Why? Because it isn't there! It was a photo book, not the Lookbook for Donovan Decker! So here goes yet another call to enlist the help of bestie Billy! He crawls under desk after desk and locker after locker to find the Lookbook for Janie!

The Lookbook Went for a Ride

Finally Jane remembers that she was in a cab. They go to the cab company and start looking through every single cab in the garage. Yet they have no luck. Jane goes back to the office and decides it is time to call Gray.

But then India comes in -- with the Lookbook, which was delivered to the company's front desk by the cab driver.

In the end, despite pulling down everyone with her, Jane arrives in Paris to deliver the ever-so-important Lookbook to Gray, but only after stopping to admire the beautiful window decor in the Dior shop.

But I just can't help to wonder: Why was no one in or out of the company supposed to see the book? Because after all, India did see the contents of the book -- or at least it is assumed she did.

Big Things Ahead

While rumors were swirling that Gray would be fired, Donovan actually named her the new Creative Director. Gray tells Jane there are great big things ahead for the both of them. Good thing she made it to Paris okay!

So, even though she made it there without a scratch, do you think the decisions Jane made along the way to Paris were poor choices? What is the deal with Tommy, Billy's brother? He's cute, sure, but definitely a trouble-maker in the future for Billy and who knows who else!

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

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