'Jane by Design' Premiere Recap: Hopeless Teenager Turned Sassy Fashionista
'Jane by Design' Premiere Recap: Hopeless Teenager Turned Sassy Fashionista
Could you survive in the cutthroat world of high-end fashion? Well, it doesn't really matter because the question really is whether or not Jane can survive this new world that she just so happen to have mistakenly fell into even though she is a high school student. Wait, what? Yea, you heard me right. Here's the recap from the season 1 premiere of Jane by Design -- a show that combines teenage drama with real-world Teen Vogue!

High School Meets Fashion

Jane Quimby is a seamlessly hopeless high school student with dreams far beyond her reach -- or at least that's the way she was perceived at the start of the premiere. By the end of this first episode, Jane has turned into a semi-confident young woman with the job of her dreams and the witty words to make a conversation with the hot fashion designer Jeremy (described later), although she still can't talk to her hot high school crush Nick and gets tongue-tied whenever she sees him.

But anyway, she lands the job that she has always wanted --the glamorous job of assisting a designer known as Gray, who is overly demanding -- with a little help, of course. However, it wasn't the executive assistant job that she was applying for and was actually applying for an internship but thanks (and thanks again!) to the incompetent HR employee, things were turned around.

During the fun-filled day in the corporate world, Jane takes risks and plenty of them. She takes her boss' car and has her own fashion show compliments of Gray's closest. While it doesn't seem to be in character for the quirky, ostracized high school girl, it's totally enjoyable and may be just the thing we can look forward to from this sassy fashion executive assistant!

The Best Friend -- Billy -- Maybe More Than a Friend?

Well, it obviously appears that Billy has not struck the pants off Jane just yet, but with his handsome smile, go-to personality and all-around good guy persona, there's definitely love down the line, don't ya think? There's a spark there no matter how deep it may be and no matter how hard it may be for Jane to see it.

While they are strictly only friends for now, there's something there and it's going to have to develop sooner or later. That crazy Mohawk is going to drive me insane, but maybe it'll grow on me.

Names You Need to Know

Ben Quimby is Jane's older brother who is sadly struggling to take her care of himself as well as her and has been ever since the death of their father.

Donovan Decker - the name of the high-end fashion company that Jane snagged that fabulous job at.

India Jourdain - a hot, ruthless woman that wants Jane's job. She is one of those type of people that will do whatever - and I mean, whatever - it takes to get what she wants. She's pure evil. Look out, Jane!

Jeremy Jones - a somewhat good-looking fashion designer with a British accent (definitely hot!).

Nick Fadden - Jane's dreamy high school crush!

Lulu Pope - the mean girl at high school, who could ultimately ruin Jane's life from the inside out. Oh, and is she really playing in the sheets with Billy? While I would hope that it won't last long, I'm sure it will last longer than I hope for.

Billy Nutter - already discussed, Billy is the best friend of Jane and is already saving her butt from getting into trouble. He'll be her sidekick throughout the season while she handles her double life.

How in the world is Jane going to pull this all off? And just what is going to happen to her love life? Will her high school life get any better because it sure isn't the best right now? Only time will tell how far in over her head Jane really is because with work, school, family and friends - damn!

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Sink or swim, I'll be tuning in to find out how this thing pans out and follow this eccentrically pleasurable ABC Family drama ... will you? Did the premiere live up to all the hype that ABC Family brought about for Jane by Design?

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC Family)

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