'So You Think You Can Dance' Eliminations: Season 9's First Eliminated Dancers Speak Out
'So You Think You Can Dance' Eliminations: Season 9's First Eliminated Dancers Speak Out
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Four dancers were the first to get cut from So You Think You Can Dance season 9 -- Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Janaya French, Daniel Baker and Alexa Anderson. Three of these dancers (Nick, Daniel and Janaya) spoke to reporters the next day about their experiences on the show. Check out what they had to say here!

What might have influenced their eliminations?

Daniel Baker: I felt in my routine that I was held back a bit. Because originally, we were all supposed to be in nude, but the network wouldn't allow that. So then I was trying to tastefully do it, and I was kind of told not to give anymore. So I was trying to make it family-friendly. So it was a bit that I should have dove all the way in. Because I feel like it would have ended up, you know, like soft-core porn.

Janaya French: We don't get as long as packages, so America doesn't really get to know us quite as well. We don't get to show our personalities as long, which is kind of a bummer. I mean, I went into this with less camera time. I feel like I kind of just popped up in the top 20 and not many people knew who I was.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter: I loved that routine. I feel like that routine -- it's an Argentine tango. You're drawn towards the agility and the fierceness of the woman. And the man is there to show that intensity. So I think I did my job really well. That is my job. The guy is the frame and the woman is the picture and that's what we're taught being a ballroom dancer.

How do they feel about the new format of So You Think You Can Dance?

Janaya French: I kind of like the new format. It's hard, because we didn't get to experience the old format, so there's not really much that we can compare it to.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter: This format was very nice to us dancers, because we were able to perform so many more times -- more than once, more than twice. We were on that stage a lot. So I really enjoyed it.

Daniel Baker: I kind of like it. It's a shame I didn't get the chance to dance for my life, but it seems like the judges already had their minds made up to... You know, it's one less chance that America gets to see you dance. But I like the fast pace of it.

How do the eliminated dancers feel about the judges already knowing the bottom three during the performances?

Nick Bloxsom-Carter: The judges can change their minds. They know who's in the bottom three, but they don't tell you until after you perform. So your performance can sway their mind to either a good side or a bad side. It can change the way they think about you in a positive way.

Janaya French: I had so much going on in my head that that actually did not cross my mind. But it was just more like another shot that we had, because at least for me, I wasn't as pleased with what they felt about my piece the week before. So I wanted another chance to prove to them that I was capable of a better performance.

Who were their favorite choreographers?

Janaya French: I was so blessed, like I worked with Stacey [Tookey] and Travis [Wall] were two of my favorites that I wanted to work with and I got to. Nappy Tabs... amazing. So was Sean [Cheesman]. So I'm pleased with everyone I got to work with.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter: The Argentinean tango with Leonardo and Miriam. That whole process was such a dream. They were both so lovely to work with and every time we danced, they just had good things to say about us... But for group choreography, I loved the Christopher Scott routine. I have never worked with him before. And I was coming from ballroom dancing -- I have never really heard of him. And then, just to meet him, and he's so cool and he's so chilled. He's like a normal guy, but he's a genius.

What's next for the dancers?

Daniel Baker: I didn't quit [his ballet job] to audition for this show. That was embellished. I just left to explore the commercial dance world, and I thought the show would be good exposure to try and break into that. So one day I will go back to ballet, but right now I'm just exploring and... different things.

I have a job or two lined up in the future, and I am also choreographing at the New York Choreography Institute, which is part of the New York City Ballet, coming up this year.

Janaya French: I was already out in L.A. trying to audition with jobs that way, and so I hope that networking with the people I got to work with on the show, I never would have had the chance to work with in such an intimate setting if it weren't for this opportunity I was given. From here on out, I just hope I have more opportunities to work with them and to work with more people. I'm going to go back to what I was doing, because I'm still going to dance.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter: I was going to school, studying business management and ballroom dance. So I am definitely going to keep auditioning. And since I've worked with Jason Gilkison so much, I'd love to work with him on Burn the Floor. Definitely more ballroom -- Burn the Floor, maybe Dancing with the Stars as a pro. But that's later in the future. I'm definitely going to keep training, but I'm also going to work with my business management to try to start in production as well.

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