'The Amazing Race' Recap: Will 'Stolen' Money Change the Game?
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Will 'Stolen' Money Change the Game?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on The Amazing Race, departing from Bangladesh for Istanbul, Turkey, brings out the greedy side of two of the teams. How does this affect the sixth leg of the race? In a move that should surprise no one, the goat farmers, monster truckers and Chippendales are in the bottom of the pack, fighting for survival. Which team will arrive at the pit stop last and get eliminated?

Split the Guilt

Though the teams begin this leg at different times, everyone gets on the one flight over to Istanbul. But the drama happens at the travel agency, as it's buzzing with teams coming in and out and booking their flights.

James and Abba drop $100 that they're supposed to use for taxis and food. One of the twins picks it up, tells Lexi and Trey and they decide to keep it. Well, the girls decide to keep it. Trey just goes along with it because he's outnumbered. 

Is this right? Absolutely not. But is it okay in the name of competition and winning? Some might argue yes. The twins didn't know whose money it was, and actually said they hoped it was Abbie and Ryan's. 

Lucky for James and Abba, the misplaced money doesn't affect them much all -- sure, they have to put some pride aside to walk through the streets (on bad knees, no less) to essentially beg for money. But they don't freak out once, which I'm sure other teams would've if they were in this situation.

I'm interested to hear what you guys think of the money that the twins and Texas split -- and split the guilt.

Transportation Failure

Once everyone lands in Istanbul, it's a race for the cabs for everyone, except the Chippendales and monster truckers. The Chippendales' acceptable reasoning is the traffic the cabs might encounter, while the monster truckers take the Metro out of his own cockiness of not following the crowd.

Um, if the crowd is doing all the same thing, usually it means the right thing.

After the Chips find out the cab to the ferry is faster, they hop out on the next stop. The monster truckers stay on, blabbing on about how the Chips are "followers," and that they're going to stay -- that this might be the leg they actually win! It hurts. The laughter. I'd like someone to tell me where their cockiness comes from, being that it's unfounded and probably just foreshadowing an elimination. Whatever.

Stopping for Ice Cream

Off the ferry, the teams get to a detour, where they must either get a traditional Turkish scrub or transport Turkish bagels -- on one of their heads -- to three different addresses. The scrub seems the most logical choice, which Abba and James, Texas, the twins and Abbie and Ryan do together. 

The goat farmers, however, are at a speed bump because of their last place in the last episode where they weren't eliminated. They must find a marked ice cream vendor and buy two scoops of different ice cream. Sounds easy enough? Hardly. They don't realize they have to go to a specific vendor and waste a lot of time because ordering ice cream here is time consuming since it's a performance of juggling and magic acts. So silly.

Meanwhile, the first group is led to the bathhouse, and the Chips and monster truckers, who are way behind, get on the ferry separately.

Balancing Bagels or Turkish Bath?

At the bathhouse, it's a lot of yelling due to cold water being poured on them constantly. The deep tissue massage sounds painful. The twins are the last of the first group to be finished, just as the Chips come in.

The goat farmers and monster truckers both take on the bagel-balancing detour. The goat farmers say the physical challenge will be quicker. Yeah, but it's a physical challenge, hello! It doesn't sound terribly difficult, but it's a challenge for them to find the places of delivery since no one speaks English. And the more time that drags on, the heavier the plates of bagels become.

Following the bathhouse, the teams arrive at a roadblock at the bazaar. Dressed up as a local vendor, they must carry a long teapot that dispenses soda drinks, and serve 40 glasses and gather money. 

At first, I wonder why Lexi is doing it because this teapot looks pretty darn heavy. But then I'm reminded she's a cheerleader and is able to use her cheeriness to make a lot of sales. Ryan, meanwhile, can't even handle carrying everything and keeps dropping everything. At one point, Lexi has made 22 sales and Ryan has made 14.

Ryan then solicits a man who helps him sell his drinks for a commission. I'm annoyed, but yeah, it's totally smart -- and it works.

The Race Ends for One

The goat farmers grind through their delivery of the bagels, and the monster truckers are hot on their tails. 

After completing the roadblock first, Lexi and Trey are the first to arrive at the pit stop. And they win a trip to Australia. Abbie and Ryan come in second, James and Abba are right behind them and the twins round up the rear.

Back at the bazaar, the Chips, goat farmers and monster truckers have a difficult time making their sales, but the Chips and farmers manage to finish ahead of time. The farmers then get stuck in traffic, wasting precious time to cross the finish line in time. So they start directing traffic. It's hilarious. And it's smarter than trying to get another cab, which I thought they'd do first.

The Chips come in fifth, and again, they've never been so happy. 

The goat farmers' gamble pays off ... because they come in sixth and the monster truckers are last and therefore eliminated.

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