'The Voice' Semifinals Predictions: Teams Adam and Cee Lo
'The Voice' Semifinals Predictions: Teams Adam and Cee Lo
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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Compared with last week's live performance show for Teams Blake and Christina, I feel like last night's episode was paced better and overall more low-key. There were no amazing, blow-your-mind performances, and there was no controversial last-minute elimination decisions made. Still, Teams Adam and Cee Lo seem all-around stronger, and the performances were generally solid. It just wasn't as exciting and dynamic as last week, in my opinion. That said, that makes it even harder to predict who will go home today!

First: The Instant Eliminations
This week, it was pretty easy to predict Adam and Cee Lo's eliminations. Pip and James are both young fellows with decent fan bases, I'm sure, but both of their performances fell flat (for different reasons) tonight. And it's getting to that point where everyone is so good that if you don't bring it every week, you're almost guaranteed to get the boot.

I respect Pip for going in a different direction (stylistically and image-wise) this week, but his difficulty with the last phrases of the song stood out like a sore thumb. James Massone has that smooth, soothing voice and genuine charm, but his voice never seems to go anywhere, and there was nothing different about his performance this week than his previous one. All in all, understandable decisions from the coaches (no Jesse Campbell blindside this week).


Judging by the extended cheering (Carson: "that was Bieber-loud"), I think it's safe to assume Tony Lucca will get the most votes from Team Adam. Honestly, up until now, I always categorized him as "that guy from the Mickey Mouse Club who has a decent voice." But last night he and Adam made the best decision possible by embracing that restrictive label and, as Adam said, just going wild with it. It paid off, and now there's something else to add to Tony Lucca's image: the guy who wasn't afraid to turn a hindrance into an advantage.

Between Mathai and Katrina Parker, I'm pretty torn. I think Adam sees more potential in Mathai, whose overall image and tone is more unique than Katrina's. Plus, she has an obvious, pure joy when she sings (which strangely seemed a little lost in last night's performance) that is attractive as a performer. However, Katrina definitely out-sang Mathai last night in a "breakthrough" performance. But in their last chance performances, I think Mathai will return to her raspy, interesting vocal roots and remind Adam why she's a favorite. If that's the case, I think Adam will make the expected choice to save her.

Summary: Tony Lucca is a safe bet; if Mathai does what she usually does to charm the audience, Adam will save her, meaning Katrina Parker will go home.

Confirmed two weeks ago in their unforgettable live performances, Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms are two major contenders for the ultimate winner. I think they are two of the strongest contestants in the whole competition, all things considered. So it's difficult to predict who America loves more, when push comes to shove. I think Juliet outperformed Jamar, but my guess is Jamar has a more passionate fan base.

If Jamar is saved, and it's down to Juliet and Cheesa, I think Cee Lo will pick Juliet. Two weeks ago I'd put good money on that, but with Cheesa clearly stepping it up this week and Cee Lo's ambitions for her to be the "next female power vocalist of our generation," the gap has certainly closed. Still, Juliet is clearly a favorite on the show and I think he will make the smart decision to stick with her.

Summary: Jamar Rogers will most likely be safe; Cee Lo will choose Juliet Simms over Cheesa. Or Juliet Simms will be safe, and Cee Lo will pick Jamar Rogers. Either way, I'm fairly certain Cheesa will go home, though she's continually improved on the show.

Who do you all think will be eliminated tonight? Would you be sad to see Katrina Parker and Cheesa go home? Catch the live eliminations tonight at 9pm on NBC!

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