Exclusive Interview: Jael Strauss, 8th Eliminated Model on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8
Exclusive Interview: Jael Strauss, 8th Eliminated Model on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8
On last night's episode of America's Next Top Model, Jael Strauss, the band manager from Detroit, Michigan, became the eighth girl eliminated from the competition. Although a strong competitor and a fan favorite, she struggled with the CoverGirl commercial and was ultimately sent home after the judges agreed that she did not portray the CoverGirl image they were looking for.

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BuddyTV: What were you doing before America’s Next Top Model, and what inspired you to try out for the show?

Jael: Well before I was on America’s Next Top Model I was managing bands in Hollywood and doing promotions for bands and stuff in Detroit. And I decided to try out for the show because I got scouted on my MySpace from one of the casting directors. And I figured I should just, you know, give it a try. People have been telling me I should be on the show for a long time so I figured, why not?

Were you always a big fan of the show?

I’m really not a television person honestly. But I have seen the show before and I remember watching the show and thinking, “I can do that, that’s easy.” And after having been on the show, I feel like a fool for ever thinking that! (Laughs)

Have you ever been to Sydney, Australia before and what was that experience like for you?

Sydney, Australia was awesome and amazing. I can’t wait to go back there. I’ve never been overseas before, like this show took me to Sydney, and I’m so fortunate to have made it that far. I can’t wait to go back.

What did you think about the CoverGirl commercial?

I think that I made my best attempt to do the CoverGirl commercial. I don’t know. I felt a little bit out of character obviously, and you know, I gave it a good try. I feel that I’m not really the stereotypical bubbly CoverGirl kind of girl. You know, I didn’t pull it off, but no regrets.

How did you feel when you were eliminated? Did you agree with Tyra’s feedback?

I feel the judges have a right to their opinion, that’s why they are the judges. All I can say is that everything I did on the show, I did my best. But I also kept my own persona and I never ever tried to change myself. I’m really proud that I never gave in or caved in to try and win the competition.

Now that you’ve been able to watch the episodes on TV, was there anything that they didn’t show about you on TV that you wish they would have?

They portrayed me pretty accurately. I mean they could have shown a little bit more laughter and a little less tears. But you know, I’m a real person, so I’m glad they showed all different sides of me.

Any predictions on who you think will ultimately become America’s Next Top Model?

Well I have my fingers crossed for Brittany because I think that she’s like so amazing at taking photos. And you know, it really takes you by surprise when you just see her on the street. But I think like we’re all winners. We’re all winners, every single last one of us. And I think it could go any which way honestly.

So what are your plans now? Will you continue to model?

I do plan on continuing to model but I’d like to go the road that like is a little bit more underground and artistic, rather than going mainstream and commercial. I plan on doing my own reality TV show that includes unsigned artists and bands and shining the light on them to the world.

Any final words for your fans out there?

I’d like to let all my fans know that I really, really thank you so much for your support and I hope that I gave all of us misfits a place to call home. Always stand up and be true to yourself no matter what any judges say about you.

(Interview conducted by Royce Yuen)

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