Why Peyton Needs a Real Storyline on 'iZombie'
Why Peyton Needs a Real Storyline on 'iZombie'
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
When Peyton became a main character in iZombie Season 3, we all rejoiced. Ally Michalka had the right balance of sass, kindness and mixed emotions after learning that zombies were real and her best friend was one of them. Since then, she's barely had a deep storyline, usually connected to one of the main male characters. It's time for her to get a real storyline in iZombie Season 4, and there is plenty of potential.

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Women Need to Be More Than Just a Love Interest

Women aren't just there to be some love interest for a guy. Peyton is a smart, independent young woman. She's a successful lawyer and has plenty of empathy for humans and zombies alike. What started off as excellent character growth for her has become boring and stale. A relationship with Ravi was interesting, especially when he and Liv were hiding the zombie information from her.

However, gaining feelings for Blaine was a little too over the top and unnecessary. That was something that could have developed with one of the guys; not becoming a love interest, but showing empathy and understanding for Blaine's situation at the time.

In the current climate, women need to be more than just a love interest for a leading man. Peyton needs to show what she can do and why she's important to the series, otherwise, she's just going to be a forgettable decorative piece.

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Show Fans What Peyton Can Do

We've barely seen Peyton in action. iZombie Season 3 gave us a storyline that involved the legal side of things. Peyton was put at risk by a mob boss and slowly remembered that humans could be just as bad as evil zombies. Fans had a chance to see her potential and the chance of a future for her in the series.

Then the show forgot about that storyline. In Season 4, she's shown up in two out of three episodes, and really just as a side piece. The premiere showed a hint of a potential storyline, as she's one of the only humans in New Seattle having dinner with a high-powered zombie politician, but that was just a hint. Nothing more has been mentioned about the politician or the situation yet.

"Brainless in Seattle Part 1" opens the door for more from Peyton in terms of her being a lawyer. There's a chance for her to represent humans and zombies in the New Seattle law courts and help ease relationships between everyone. She can even be involved in getting justice for those who have snuck across the wall, only to be killed. This would bring her face-to-face with Blaine again, opening old wounds and troublesome situations.

Do you think it's time for Peyton to get a real storyline? Is it time to see what she can really do in her work? What would you like to see Peyton get involved in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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