Is There Any Hope for Clive and Bozzio on 'iZombie'?
Is There Any Hope for Clive and Bozzio on 'iZombie'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Clive and Bozzio are the couple to root for in iZombie Season 4, but it looks the relationship is doomed. It's the only human-zombie relationship of the season, and within two episodes it's possible to see the strain. In "Blue Bloody," Clive admitted that while he loved Bozzio, the inability to move further in their relationship causes problems. Is there any hope for them moving forward?

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It Didn't Work Between Liv and Major

The last time we saw this sort of human-zombie relationship was when Major was still human. Both had trouble attempting to move past this barrier. Clive and Bozzio have the same issue: they can't have sex and, while sex isn't everything, without it the relationship can be a little stale. There's only so much other stuff they can do.

Things didn't work out for Liv and Major. It's hard to see how it can all work out for Clive and Bozzio without a sacrifice.

With Liv and Major there was always the hope of Ravi's cure, but that idea has long gone. Ravi seems to have given up on it since it was stolen. As for the vaccine, it looks like he's given up on that too since his side effects of turning into a zombie every month or so. Without either of these, there is little chance for the future for any human-zombie relationship.

They Need to at Least Have the Talk

Clive and Bozzio need to be honest with each other. Just how far can this relationship go without the cure? They need to talk about their options and whether Clive is willing to become a zombie. Honestly, iZombie would suffer if Clive did turn into a zombie. The show works with two characters keeping fans grounded to the human world. In fact, Clive is now the only pure human on the show, so he's definitely needed.

The talk about Clive turning won't end well, but it certainly needs to happen. This would then lead into the future for the two of them together; putting things on hold until a potential cure is made.

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Put the Focus Back on the Cure

Clive and Bozzio's talk would then help to open doors for talks of potential cures and vaccines moving forward. As fun as the last two episodes have been, this huge plot point of the cure (which has been a focus for all three seasons) is missing. Clive hasn't even brought it up yet, despite the fact that he's the one who would likely want it the most. Even more talk of the vaccine would be perfect. Clive could take the vaccine to move his relationship forward with Bozzio with no risk of infection.

As it stands, there is no hope for Clive and Bozzio on iZombie. They can't move forward and this can't be their life forever. It's time to bring up the bleak future and look at the changes that need to happen to make this potentially awesome relationship work.

What do you think Clive and Bozzio need to do? How can things change in the series moving forward? Is there hope for the two? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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