[Video] 'Intelligence' Sneak Peek: It Gets Tricky When a Senator's Daughter is Kidnapped
[Video] 'Intelligence' Sneak Peek: It Gets Tricky When a Senator's Daughter is Kidnapped
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Gabriel and Riley are tasked with a highly sensitive case when a US Senator's daughter is kidnapped by a Mexican drug lord. They have to find and save her before the kidnappers decide to kill the girl in "The Rescue."

Sneak Peek: Gabriel and Riley Get a New Assignment

Hector, the head of a drug empire has kidnapped Senator Bradshaw's daughter over the potential sale of a satellite system to Mexico. The Senator is in a position to get the sale approved or denied. The US government finds it necessary for border security and to help stop the drug trade. 

Hector doesn't want his business hurt and wants the satellite sale stopped. Lillian tells the team that the Senator doesn't even know he's daughter's missing yet. Gabriel and Riley are assigned to find the kidnapped girls and send a message to the drug lord that such actions won't be tolerated. 

Sneak Peek: Gabriel and Riley Get a Lead

Gabriel and Riley get a phone call from someone named, Carlos. Gabriel's able to trace the call, which came from only a few miles away.

They track the cell signal to a car trunk. Riley worries the phone could be attached to an explosive device and Gabriel agrees to be careful. So, what does he do? Throws a rock at it! Ha! No explosion. She responds with a crinkled nose, "Oh, God." What's in the trunk? I hope it's not any of the girls!

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