[Video] 'Intelligence' Spoilers: Gabriel's Pushed to the Limit
[Video] 'Intelligence' Spoilers: Gabriel's Pushed to the Limit
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In the Intelligence premiere, we were introduced to Gabriel, a man with a chip in his head. He's the countries most important asset and integral to the national security of America. In the show's second episode, "Red X," the Clockwork team go into high gear to stop a suicide bomber.
What would happen if someone developed a digestible and undetectable explosive material? It would be disastrous!

In "Red X," a US Marine base is hit by a suicide bomber who got on the base without setting off any detectors. Gabriel and the team rush to figure out how the bombing was possible and stop the perpetrators from further attacks.

Check out a couple sneak peeks from "Red X."

Riley's taking her job as Gabriel's protector seriously, but has some fun with him by calling him "America's favorite super weapon." She's going to check in with him every morning and night. 

The episode picks up after Gabriel followed up on the Chinese lead about Amelia, which was a dead end. He tells her that he doesn't believe he'll find Amelia until she wants him too. Amelia is "Sounder" and able to stay hidden when she's deep undercover.

In the episode, Gabriel will discover an important clue about Amelia that will have a profound effect on him. Neither Gabriel nor Amelia will ever be the same again.

Hot! Gabriel looks good when he's working out! 

Riley shows up to encourage Gabriel into helping the team find those responsible for using Red X to blow up the Marine base. She knows how to personalize the attack. What happened that made him turn his back on the team? And, will she convince him to help? Of course!

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