[Video] 'Intelligence' Sneak Peek: Gabriel Goes After His Friend
[Video] 'Intelligence' Sneak Peek: Gabriel Goes After His Friend
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Intelligence gets personal in "Delta Force" when Gabriel is pitted against someone from his military days. Riley and Gabriel are called in to protect a presidential candidate in Bolivia from an assassination attempt. Did his friend go rogue? Or, is there more to the story than Cyber Command knows?

Before Gabriel's world gets more complicated, he has a fun moment with his teammates. Who is the best shot? Gabriel, Riley or Jameson?

Check out the sneak peek to find out!

Riley gets a "Not bad," from Gabriel before he triumphantly ends his shots with a "Boom." Riley points out that he has one "runaway." Too bad, Gabriel. Distraction or not, she has him beat.

That's until Jameson shows up. Gabriel's comment about the agent being too busy, "shooting off memos" gets an outstanding performance out of Jameson. Riley's right, "That's how you shoot off a memo. No strings."

Jameson's the winner!

Then, it's back to work for the team. Lillian brings a case to them and Gabriel identifies the target. Check out another sneak peek from "Delta Force."

After three assassinations, Cyber Command is called in to help stop a fourth from happening. The shooter was caught by an ATM surveillance camera. The man's Lt. John Norris. He was Delta Force Tier One just like Gabriel.

No chip needed for this identification. Norris is Gabriel's best friend. Ouch! First his wife and now his friend turned against the United States? He may not know it, but at least Amelia was playing the right side. Could Norris be too?

Intelligence airs on Mondays at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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