'Intelligence' Recap: One Big Mind Game
'Intelligence' Recap: One Big Mind Game
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This week's episode of Intelligence picks up where the season premiere left off, bringing Mei Chin and Amos back into the picture. We have a hunt for a rogue CIA agent, a grieving Gabriel, and Agent Riley who seems to be the only one who can keep the super agent on task.

CIA Agent Gone Rogue?

The episode opens with Kate Anderson, an ex-CIA analyst, meeting with an old friend (and MI-6 agent) in a shady spot in London. She has a hard drive chock full of sensitive information that she's trying to sell. Tristan is giving her the run around and she smells a trap. Her intuition is right, discovering a wire strapped to his chest when she orders him at gunpoint to strip. Before he can explain what's going on, he takes a bullet to the chest and Kate runs to safety.

A lone masked gunman is looking for her but doesn't find her, with the CIA agent making her escape to a Chinese embassy. Strand is ordered by the CIA to find her and the drive by whatever means necessary. While the Director isn't too keen on trying to find a drive without knowing what's on it, she's obliged to take on the task -- as well as tell the CIA head honcho that Gabriel is AWOL.

Take Your Tears to Mexico

Mourning over the loss of Amelia, Gabriel escapes to where they took their honeymoon -- Hidalgo, Mexico. As he downs another shot of liquor, he renders that night at the hospital having more questions than answers. Walking out of that room, he hears a voice call his name but doesn't see anyone. It doesn't take long for Riley to find him, who wants his forgiveness. Instead of telling her what he wants to hear, he tells her there's something wrong with his chip. He thinks Amelia is trying to reach out to him, which is natural because he's totally grieving. That's what Riley tells him, convincing him to come home.

Gabriel is Not Alone

After initial tests from Dr. Cassidy, he can't find anything wrong with Gabriel or his chip. Before he can chock it up to his grief, Strand gets him to work on the Anderson case by creating a cyber render of the crime scene. Everything is exactly how we saw it at the top of the show, with the super agent tapping into the taped audio of their convo and figuring out Kate is at the Chinese Embassy. Then out of nowhere, he hears that voice again, but this time he also sees a figure running up the stairs. He chases after it and discovers it's none other than Mei Chin, the woman implanted with the chip from the season premiere. 

Not only can she hack into his renderings (which are created through the power of his imagination), she knows what he knows and can control what she knows. This spells major risk for Strand and CyberCom, but the CIA doesn't care. They want him on the next plane to London, where we get to see first-hand just how risky it is to have her on his brain. She pulls him into a cyber rendering of the hospital room that leaves him pointing a gun at Riley instead of her. Riley is able to be bring him back to reality ... again.

Project Jana

Not satisfied with the partial story the CIA is feeding her, Strand does her own digging on Anderson and the drive. She finds out that the super secret operation was nothing more than the CIA spying on her and her project, Clockwork. Furthermore, the drive that Kate had in her possession contained all the nitty gritty details of Gabriel's chip and had the knowledge to change the mode in which it is being carried.

Strand wants to pull Gabriel off this mission immediately, concerned for his (aka, the chip's) safety. Gabriel won't hear of it as he and Riley race to the Chinese Embassy before Mei Chin. They're a bit too late, Kate and her drive gone and a Chinese Ambassador dead.

Let the Mind Games Begin

Thanks to quick thinking by the techies at CyberCom, they track Mei Chin to her hideout. She already found the drive in Kate's contact lens (very clever!) and downloads the sensitive information. Holding Kate at knife point, she knows Gabe won't take the shot. Instead of killing her, she causes a power surge that creates the perfect distraction for her to get away.

So how do they get Mei Chin and the data? By playing at her own game, of course -- pulling her into Gabriel's cyber rendering the same way she did on the plane. While she talks of the two of them being Adam and Eve and creating their own species, the CyberCom team are able to hack into her system and wipe her files clean.

What's next for Mei Chin? I have a feeling we won't be seeing the last of her!

Intelligence airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.