'Intelligence' Recap: Has Gabriel's Best Friend Gone Rogue?
'Intelligence' Recap: Has Gabriel's Best Friend Gone Rogue?
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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This week's episode of Intelligence starts in La Paz, Bolivia, where an opposition leader is killed while visiting a brothel. His murder is the third in a string of assassinations in a country that controls one of the largest supplies of energy and is looking for a new president. The US government calls on Cyber Command to protect Javier Leon, the moderate candidate they want in office. As the team checks out the intel on all three murders, Gabriel recognizes the man responsible -- his best friend.

Soldiers in Afghanistan

Through a series of carefully placed flashbacks, we get a glimpse into the events that led to the collapse of their friendship. They were in Afghanistan back in 2006, running through the countryside with combatants hot on their tail. Gabriel is hurt and they need to find a place to hide. Norris keeps his friend safe and gets him to a desolate house.

Once inside, Gabriel is mortified to see its occupants, a woman and her young daughter, tied up in a corner. Norris tells him he will guarantee their survival by any means necessary, while Gabriel reminds him that those people are innocent. He goes as far as tackling him to keep them safe from his knife and hot temper. In the end, the woman helps them by warding off the patrol knocking down her door. They're all safe, but their friendship just went downhill after that.

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The Mission Hits a Snag

Riley, Gabriel and Jameson land in Bolivia. Jameson and his team will get Javier, his wife Marcela, and her brother Nester to a safe and undisclosed location until they can meet with the US Under Secretary. Riley and Gabriel go to meet the Cogan, a CIA covert operative. They get to the agent's apartment and Riley senses that something is wrong (what made her think that, I'm not sure!) and, sure enough, Cogan is on the floor with a bullet in his head. Gabriel glances out the window to see Norris and trips an explosive, with the two barely getting out with their lives.

Norris is gone, but Gabe figures out a super complicated way to call him. As expected, Norris is not happy to hear from him, promptly telling Gabriel to back off or else.

Night begins to fall, and they're no closer to getting any leads on Norris. Talking amongst each other, Riley points out that Norris could've killed them after the explosion but didn't, taking what he needed and getting out of there. What he was looking for was the safe house Javier and his family were at and that's where he was headed. They call Jameson to warn him, but it's a bit too late. Norris is already there.

Friendship Can Be a Minefield

A few dead guards and a shot to Jameson's shoulder later, Riley and Gabriel get there. She stays behind to tend to the injured agent, while Gabriel goes out into the Bolivian brush to find Norris. He catches up to him (without the use of the chip because it "would be cheating") and gets him cornered. Norris tells him that Gabriel won't take the shot and he's right, because he doesn't have to. His ex-best friend is in the middle of an old minefield and only Gabriel can get him out. Giving him specific instructions of where to walk, he gets him out safely only to get punched in the face and have a gun pointed at him. Honestly, who didn't see that coming?

Here comes the show's plot twist -- Norris didn't kill Cogan, he was working for him. He was ordered to take out the competition and protect Javier. If Norris isn't the threat, then who is? None other than his own wife and brother-in-law. They're secretly working for the current President and are hell-bent on not cooperating with the United States. Not only will they kill Javier, they also plan to take out the Under Secretary and whoever else gets in their way.  Just like that, they go from enemies to BFFs again, heading back to the house to stop the siblings from carrying out their plan.

A Shootout at the Safe House

The Under Secretary and his entourage arrive at the safe house, and Riley escorts Javier and his family out to meet them. Nester has his trigger finger ready, while Marcela has a bomb disguised as a tube lipstick in her hand, activated and ready to go. Javier and the Secretary are smiling and shaking hands when Riley spots Norris. She shoots him in the arm as he gets a shot out hitting the brother.

Gabriel takes aim at Marcela, shooting her as she drops the lipstick bomb. He shouts to Riley to get the explosive and she quickly tosses it out of harm's way before it explodes. Just when you think there isn't enough shooting, Nester gets up ready to get his shots off, but a bullet from Jameson's gun ends that dream and his life.

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