'Intelligence' Recap: Gabriel and CyberCom Get Hacked
'Intelligence' Recap: Gabriel and CyberCom Get Hacked
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Intelligence shows us the dark side of advanced technology in this week's episode. In the first 10 minutes, Jin Cong (remember him from the premiere?) breaks out of prison, and an EMP hits CyberCom, crashing its network and taking Gabriel's memory along with it. With an intro like that, you know things are going to worsen before they get better.

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CyberCom Gets Cut Off

Hackers have tapped into CyberCom's network and they're moving fast, making their way to the most classified information. To cut them off, Strand enacts the Orion Protocol, meaning Jameson takes a chainsaw to their hard line connection. Doing so cuts off their connection to the outside world and leaves them high and blind. By averting one crisis, they invite another -- Jin Cong and his gang dressed as US officers. They storm Cyber Command with machine guns blazing, making their way into the control room and taking everyone hostage.

All the while, Gabriel doesn't remember anything about the last eight episodes of the show, let alone that he has a chip in his brain. He needs to get diagnosed fast, so Riley gets him cuffed and down to Cassidy's lab. As he sits in a glass cell, the doctor discovers that the EMP that hit Command's network also screwed up Gabriel's chip. The nerve endings that connect to his memories are unplugged, and the longer he stays that way, the harder it will be for him to get his memories back. Riley tries her best to help him remember, but he still doesn't trust her.

Their trip down memory lane gets disrupted by gunshots and Cassidy quickly locks down the lab. They can't tell what is going on and everything shuts down again. As soon as the lights go out, Gabriel makes a run for it. Riley throws on her vest, loads up her gun and goes out after him.

The Athens List

The time he spends in jail gives this guy a lot of time to put this elaborate plan together. At first, we think he's after Gabriel, but when his own computer whiz picks up where their computer virus left off, it's clear they're after something bigger. That something is the Athens List. It contains a list of children who have the gene mutation that the chip needs to work. For Jin, it's a list of potential super tech assassins since Mei Chin didn't work out so well. 

It doesn't take long to see that the list isn't on the server and Jin is ready to start offing as many CyberCom people as he can until Strand gives up his location. He kills one guard and gets set to kill another when he learns that Gabriel has escaped the lab. Jin grabs his men and goes looking for him.

A Corrupt File of Lies

Riley finds Gabriel in a corridor, taking out a guard. He points his gun at her, but she promises she's a friend. She tells him that he needs to get back to the lab, and it looks like he's about to go with her until Jin shows up. Now he's sweet-talking Gabriel, voicing his concern over his well-being and telling him that Riley is an enemy. To back up his story, he tells him to access her files, of which he conveniently manipulated to portray her as a double agent. Gabriel immediately ties her up and goes back to the control room to join Strand, Nelson and Jameson.

Gabriel's the one doing the interrogating as he uses the chip to try and find the list. Strand is pleading with him to remember as he accuses her of making him her guinea pig. She even pulls the Amelia card, telling him that he volunteered to have the chip implanted in order to find her. Riley cosigns, reminding him of how much he loved her. Jin has that avenue covered too, putting into Riley's file that she was the one responsible for killing her. That doesn't go over well at all, making him more determined to find the list and protect the children on it.

Gabriel finally finds it on a server that isn't hooked up to the network. With Strand in tow, they take a trip to the server room.

Gabriel Thinks with His Heart

Riley, Jameson and Nelson are left behind and the two agents quietly plan their escape. With a knife hidden in her belt, she breaks free and slyly passes it to Jameson. Nelson catches on and he's not so quiet¸ jumping into action a little too fast as he pushes his chair into one of their guards. They go into action anyway, taking out four bad guys with Nelson busting shots into the ceiling. While he recuperates from almost shooting someone, Riley goes to the control room to stop them from downloading the list.

She's a bit too late, with Jin successfully accessing the list and Gabriel accessing the security cameras to spot her. Strand takes the opportunity to distract him long enough for her to knock him to the floor. He doesn't care, willing to get killed keeping the children safe and reaching for his gun. Riley doesn't shoot him and finds herself at the end of firearm once again.

She does what she does best on this show, talking him down and reminding him to trust his heart. She tells him that he's not a machine that just churns out data. He's a human being that can feel when something just isn't right and he has to dig deep into his feelings to discern the truth. He hands her back her gun and unties Strand, finally coming back to the home team.

Jin Doesn't Get a Free Pass This Time

The party isn't over just yet. Jin Cong is on his way out of the building with the Athens List. A little stun bomb Cassidy managed to set off in the parking lot slows him down long enough for Riley and Gabriel to get there. Here we get our Gabriel fighting scene, with the two going at it until our super agent is brought to his knees. Before Jin can finish the job, Strand gets her payback, shooting him down. I'm pretty sure he's not getting up from this one!

CyberCom gets back online, Gabriel is fixed and the Athens List is safe (for now, at least!).

Intelligence airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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