'Intelligence' Recap: Deadly Nanites Bring a Scary Future
'Intelligence' Recap: Deadly Nanites Bring a Scary Future
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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In last week's episode of Intelligence, we dealt with a man-made (and very contagious) virus. Just when we thought the dangers couldn't get any crazier, Gabriel and his team are up against another tiny but dangerous threat -- nanites that get into the blood stream and cause fatal damage. Tonight's target? The world's top scientists, who meet their death by inhaling a small container of dust sent to them. Not only is Dr. Cassidy the key to helping stop this really smart bad guy, but he's also a target.

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Welcome to the Future

CyberCom alerts the post offices to not deliver the yellow packages, but one manages to slip by them. It's addressed to Dr. Bryce Tyler, a protege of Cassidy, and they have to get to him before he becomes another casualty.

As Gabriel and Riley race out to his office, his assistant is already in the office with the lethal package on her desk. Instead of picking up the phone that keeps ringing off the hook so she can be warned, she jams out to the music on her headphones as she opens it up and breathes in the nanites. Gabriel finally gets through to Tyler's cell who, thankfully, is still on his way in. It's too late, however, to save his secretary.

The team takes Tyler back to CyberCom to get his help on the case by helping them analyze the samples of the nanites. Like Dr. Cassidy, he's well versed in the subject of Artificial Intelligence. They figure out that, though the angry-looking bugs are transferred to each victim by an airborne dust, they're programmed to attack a particular victim.

They then analyze the message that was sent with the last package, written in binary code. On the surface, it says "Welcome to the Future," but embedded in each number is a 350-page manifesto written by Gordon Grayson, a rogue scientist.

Gabriel uses his chip to track him down after a bad attempt to try to hide his abilities from Dr. Tyler. He already had some background on Cassidy's chip research. He also has enough common sense to know that no one can "skim" a document that long or go through his personal e-mails that fast. Strand, Riley and Nelson play dumb anyway, hunting Grayson down to a warehouse.

They Have Their Guy?

Going in semi-blind, Gabriel and Riley go into the empty warehouse finding a room where Grayson has clippings of the dead scientists and pages of notes tacked to a bulletin board. They don't have much time to read any of it, with Grayson getting in a shot before running away. At gunpoint, it looks like they have nowhere to go, but this guy has an escape plan in the form of a trap door. It sends him into the tunnels below where he has a car waiting.

Gabriel uses his chip to find the tunnel he escaped out of, but all they find of him are tire tracks. After analyzing the tire treads, he gets the make and model of the car, and with a little hack into the traffic signals, Grayson doesn't get far.

Once in the interrogation room, Riley and Gabriel start to grill him. Grayson tells them that the real terrorists are the government with their wanton use of technology and advanced research. With all of his ranting and raving, he still doesn't fess up to the murders, so it's time to employ some scare tactics. Gabriel turns off the surveillance cameras and puts his chip to work, revealing to Grayson that his worst fears have already come to fruition. He's pretty shaken up, but they won't get any answers. Just like the others, his nose starts to bleed and he dies a bloody death right there in front of Gabriel and Riley.

Nelson and his father take Grayson to do an autopsy and quickly discover that they've been going about the nanite situation all wrong. This wasn't an organic virus they were dealing with but rather a mechanical one that needs to be activated in order to work. These little machines need a signal before getting to their dirty work, a signal that could be transmitted with a simple cell phone signal.

Riley said she received a phone call on her cell from a blocked number moments before Grayson died. Strand is quick to point out that it's impossible for her cell to be called from outside their facility. That means the real man behind this was right under their noses. A quick look at surveillance footage reveals the true culprit -- Dr. Bryce Tyler.

A Race to Save Dr. Cassidy

Gabriel and Riley storm Tyler's office, slamming him onto his desk looking for his cell phone. He quickly learns that the call wasn't sent from his personal phone but rather a burner cell that was left in Cassidy's lab. As the doctor is working, the phone starts to ring and his nose starts to bleed.

It seems like all is lost as they all gather around him, the nanites slowly eating at him. Gabriel is the only one who refuses to believe that this is the end. He goes to Bryce for answers, but the young scientist doesn't seem to be phased. Instead of answering the agent's questions, he tries to mess with his head, calling him a different species. Gabriel is not having it, throwing him up against the wall as Riley points out that her partner is the only warm-blooded being in the room.

I'm not sure how Gabriel figured this out from what she said, but he has a way to save Cassidy. Because the nanites will not stop until their victim is dead, they had to fake the doctor's death. They start lowering his temperature as Gabriel creates a render of the nanites inside Cassidy's blood stream. By the time the little machines stop, Cassidy has already flat-lined and Nelson works hard to revive him. Everyone holds their breath until a pulse finally reads on the heart monitor.

Tyler Finally Cracks

While all this is happening, Dr. Tyler has been sitting very comfortably in a holding room. He doesn't even flinch when Cassidy enters the room, with his plan to kill him clearly foiled. As the doctor explains about the nanites and cell phone signal, Tyler isn't admitting to anything. It seems like scare tactics are the way to go in this episode, with Cassidy pulling out a yellow package. He sets the black box in front of his protege and opens it, the dust flying in the air. Then he pulls out the cell phone and starts plugging in the sequence of numbers to trigger them. Three numbers in, Tyler begs him to stop -- his guilt abundantly clear. 

Intelligence airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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