'Intelligence' Recap: A Dead Convict, a Dirty Director and a Deadly Virus
'Intelligence' Recap: A Dead Convict, a Dirty Director and a Deadly Virus
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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In this week's episode of Intelligence, a very dangerous and ultimately fatal virus is spreading in Texas. It's infecting people at an alarming rate and mutating as it goes from victim to victim. Gabriel and his team need to find the source, aka Patient Zero, so they can synthesize a vaccine and stop it in its tracks. The show's opening scene of a convict being put to death by lethal injection puts us right to the heart of an even bigger conspiracy.

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Dangerous Outbreak in Texas

The first place Gabriel and the team look for Patient Zero is where the initial outbreak started -- at a music festival where 22 people were infected. Using all the photos taken and shared on social media, Gabriel creates one big cyber render, cross-referencing each face he sees with the victim's list provided by the CDC. Dr. Cassidy deduces that the virus is being passed by direct contact, so our super spy is looking for the common link. He finds a man in a hoodie who came in contact with every one of them, and when he finally locks in on his face, he sees that it's Luther Vick.

That's all well and good, except Luther Vick was executed for murdering two cops before the music festival (i.e. the guy from that opening scene). So he's either literally back from the grave or Gabriel has a glitch in his render. There's only one way to find out: head to Texas. No one except Strand is cool with the idea of sending the heart of Clockwork into the middle of a deadly outbreak. But like Strand said, what's the sense in having Gabriel and his chip if they can't save American lives?

He Really isn't a Dead Man

Gabriel and Riley's first stop in Texas is the prison where Vick was allegedly executed. Riley scans the room to see if there's any way he could've escaped, and Gabriel hops onto the lethal injection table, asking his partner to flip the switch. Though he isn't hooked up to IV's, it's still super creepy and Riley thinks so too as she turns it on.

Almost instantly, the heart monitor flat lines and she starts freaking out. With a smile, Gabriel opens his eyes, telling her he hacked into the machine. If he could do it, that means someone else could too, concluding that Vick wasn't working alone. They quickly high-tail it out of there, with Gabriel sensing that they're being watched.

He's right. One of the prison guards that was in on this fake death makes a frantic call to someone. Gabriel taps into the call and tries to trace the person he's talking to. The phone call is cut short as an explosion takes care of the guard permanently and the only info he can get is that the call was made to a number inside the Pentagon.

A Man-Made Virus

Nelson is also sent to Texas to collect samples from the infected victims and work with his dad to get more information about this outbreak. They learn that it's transmitted through the sweat glands, something that doesn't occur naturally. The only way such a virus can exist is if it's man-made, and making the convict a carrier leads to something more sinister -- a weapon of a different kind. Coupled with the fact that the Pentagon is somehow involved, this deadly infection hits much closer to home than they realize.

Strand is Gunning for the Director of Military Intelligence

While Gabriel and Riley track down Luther, Strand decides to take on the US Military, and the Director of Military Intelligence is the first target. She calls him in and lets him know about the prison guard and the phone call from the Pentagon. He acts very surprised and tells her he will get to the bottom of things. At first, this is a crazy move on her part, but when we see that she has her people tracing the phone call he made right after, we realize just how smart she is. He's the one behind this whole thing and CyberCom needs to find Vick before he does.

Vick Goes Home

After his trip to the music festival (and killing his partner who ratted him out), Luther finally goes home to his drugged-out wife. He tells her how he went to sleep thinking he was dead only to wake up in a lab surrounded by people in hazmat suits. They shot him up with all sorts of drugs and he escaped as soon as he had the chance to. They have to get moving because he knows they'll be looking for them and he had every right to think so.

Gabriel and Riley track him down to the house, and despite the high risk of getting infected, Gabe goes barreling in. Instead of meeting Luther and his wife, they find themselves in a gun fight with Special Ops forces. They're severely outnumbered and barely make it out.

Farmhouse Showdown

While in the CDC Quarantine center, Riley gets the bright idea to search Vick's prison letters for any people or places he may have written about to give them a clue about where he could've gone. Gabriel finds a secluded farmhouse a relative left him and they quickly head out.

Before they can get there, Vick catches the news about the virus on the TV and realizes his wife is infected. Since he was the only person she was with, he realizes that he's the one carrying the virus. He can't take her to the hospital or leave her there in the house because both options will lead back to him. So he goes with what he knows and stabs her to death, and her blood is still fresh when Gabriel and Riley show up.

It doesn't take them long to find Vick, and in the process of taking him into custody, Riley comes into contact and gets infected. Just as Gabriel calls for a ride back to the CDC, a Special Ops team lead by the dirty director gets there first. They take Luther into custody and follow their general's orders to "scrub the collateral." 

Riley and Gabriel are thrown into a shed and left there to burn to death when it's set on fire. Gabriel finds a way out, but it involves them both taking cover under one blanket, exposing him to the virus as well. He doesn't care, and he gets them out safely by busting through a weak wall. Gabriel takes out the military guy guarding them and uses his com to get a track on Luther's location out in the nearby woods in the dead of night.

After taking out a few Special Ops guys, they come face to face with Luther again, who has no interest in surrendering. While literally at each other's throats, Gabriel tries to talk him into coming with them so they can save his life. He doesn't care, wanting to take everyone to hell with them. Riley isn't about all them, knocking him out with the butt of her gun.

With Luther in custody, Nelson is able to get an anti-viral vaccine to the victims who need it.

Is CyberCom Becoming Too Powerful?

As soon as the director realizes that they've lost both Vick and the agents, Strand and her peeps come barging in with handcuffs in hand. He tries to pull the title card, but Strand isn't phased. He's a bad guy and he needs to be punished. While this is a big win for her and her agency, taking down such a big wig has serious implications. Despite the crisis at hand, each branch is expected to stay in their lane, and from what we get from the last minutes of this episode, Strand clearly isn't about staying in hers. Looks like the bad guys aren't the only ones she needs to watch.

Intelligence airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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