'Intelligence' Premiere Recap: The Brains Behind the Super Chip is Kidnapped
'Intelligence' Premiere Recap: The Brains Behind the Super Chip is Kidnapped
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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CBS's new show Intelligence hit the ground running in its series premiere.  As promised in the preview, we see Gabriel (Josh Holloway) trekking through the Himalayas, where he was sent to deliver a computer virus. He stops in a clearing, taking off all of his gear to look at the big satellite in the distance. As the Internet chatter fades in, you already know he's tapping into it.

The info he's receiving manifests all around him in bits and pieces, from criminal records to a large room where people are frozen in time. The focus goes to Amelia Hayes, a sweet picture of her and Gabriel floating across the screen. Instead of the sweet face smiling in the picture, we her frozen, holding a rifle. Before we get anymore info on who she is and where she is, his downloading is interrupted when he is captured by men with guns.

While being interrogated by a man speaking very good English, we learn that Gabriel tapped into their information systems. They tracked the signal to him but of course couldn't find any electronic equipment on him. They ask him where it is and Gabriel responds by telling him about the married girl he gets coffee from -- information he had no way of knowing otherwise. While his captor is thrown off his game, the digitally locked door is opened. Gabriel makes a Jason Bourne type of escape, taking out a few men before running into the forest. He seems to know exactly where he's going until he comes to a cliff. Realizing he has no place to go, he takes the crazy route -- off the cliff into the rushing waters below.

Where is Amelia?

The writers don't waste any time introducing the mystery surrounding Amelia in the first scene and they also don't hesitate to sprinkle the story seeds throughout the premiere. She was sent on a mission in Mumbai to stop an attack. A fire breaks out and she is presumed dead, though there isn't any solid evidence.

To add to the plot line that will keep people tuning in is that while the government deemed her a traitor, not everyone is buying it. The icing on the cake is at the very end where an official of the Chinese government gives them intel that Amelia is indeed alive and has boarded a plan to Zurich. This episode leaves us with major questions: what was her mission? Was she a traitor? How was she able to disappear so well that not even Gabriel can find her?

Dr. Cassidy is Kidnapped

We meet Dr. Shenondoah Cassidy, in his kitchen, talking into the recorder on his cat's collar for his memoir. With scenes cutting between Gabriel and Riley questioning the doctor's son at the house and Cassidy in a room set up for surgery with his kidnapper, we find out that a second chip was secretly created. This chip is supposed to be even better than Gabriel's and will only work in a person with a rare gene.

His captor has done his homework, because on cue an Asian girl walks into the room who just happens to have this rare gene. For even more incentive, his kidnapper shows him video feed of his son and Gabriel thanks to a sniper he has on scene. Cassidy performs the surgery, but the girl still hasn't woken up. His captor gets really pissed because he thinks the doctor botched it up on purpose. He doesn't give up though; there's still another chip he can get his hands on.

While the doctor is performing the surgery, Agent Riley Neal (Megan Orly) and Gabriel track down the van that took Cassidy to a paintball place in Chinatown. It doesn't take long for them to run into a group of thugs who don't appreciate people snooping around. Guns are drawn and Riley goes into Secret Service mode, pushing Gabriel out of the way. She lets off a few rounds before taking one to the shoulder. Gabriel gets her inside the dark paintball room while Amos, his right hand at Cyber Com, gets him the satellite feed he needs. Once he does, it's game over, with the agent taking out the bad guys and getting him and Riley safely out of there.

After that fiasco, Director Lilian Strand (Marg Helgenberger) shows up to Gabriel's house ordering him to sit the rest of this mission out. She claims that he's too emotionally invested in the case which always leads to reckless behavior that could put her precious chip in jeopardy. He says he will, but we all know by now he won't.

Now it's Riley's turn to feel her wrath, but the Secret Service agent isn't about all that. She immediately questions her about Amelia, calling her out when Strand tells her she was deemed a traitor and was dead. Instead of fessing up, she deflects back to her precious chip, reiterating that Riley needs to keep it safe. Without batting an eye, Riley corrects her saying that Gabriel is a human being and not an object.

The next morning, Gabriel is literally walking through all the evidence, plugging in the holes in the factual data he has with Riley. He has a feeling that Cassidy knew who hiss kidnapper was, and as he starts putting his own info into the visual mix, an image of Amos sitting in the van appears. (Talk about a twist!) Before Gabriel can confront the traitor, he beats him to it, taking them both to the same hideout where the doctor is.

Now it's Gabe's turn to get on the operating table, and you can already tell in Cassidy's face that he's up to something. Strapped to the table, one of the men goes to give Gabriel anesthesia and the agent starts convulsing throwing the whole room into a tizzy. Cassidy takes advantage of the mayhem to unstrap Gabriel from the chair. Before anyone could realize what was going on, the super agent is free to go James Bond on us in another high action scene. Riley gets in on some of the fun, too, taking out Amos and another guard who come into her holding room to check on her. However, she gets taken by the big bad boss and it's time for him and Gabriel to face off.

In one of the best scenes of the entire episode, Gabriel agrees to lower his weapon, all the while giving directional instructions over a walkie talkie tucked in his back pocket. Then we see the doctor in the building behind them with a rifle, successfully shooting his kidnapper and saving Riley. Just when we think everything is all happily ever after, not only do we get hit with the Amelia bombshell, but we also see that the girl who was implanted with the chip finally wakes up.  

Predictable Chemistry

When Riley and Gabriel first meet, it's the usual personality clash we see in TV that makes things interesting as well as bring in the comic relief when we need it. Gabriel is cocky and cavalier while Riley is no-nonsense and by the book. However, they are both alike in the fact they're sharp and do what it takes to get the job done. They both have soft spots -- Gabriel and his wife and Riley innately need to protect people since saving her mother from an abusive boyfriend.

While it's nice to see her soft side, it's a bit too rushed, coming out while she and Gabriel are held captive towards the end of the episode. I could've waited to hear about the manslaughter charge she had on her juvenile record, saving it for when they've been through a lot of rough situations together to warrant such a confession. Her decision to ignore orders and help him find Amelia seems a bit out of character, too. Will she eventually have the same disregard for orders as Gabriel?

Intelligence will air in its regular timeslot beginning next Monday at 10pm on CBS.

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